Eternal Brochures

Vote on Blog EngageI often ponder the meaning of life. Well at least the meaning of my life.  I guess I think about it most often whenever someone I know passes away.

I am amazed by the multitude of  traditions that various cultures observe to honor those that have “left us”.  One tradition that I’m very familiar with is the printed obituary that is handed out during the service.  For those of y’all that don’t know what I am talking about, the obituary has a picture of the deceased, a short bio, the order of service, and poems or dedications from the next of kin.

Now, I’m not a self-centered person, yet when I’m reading an obituary of the dearly departed I can’t help wonder what my obituary will be like when the time comes. Come on now, the thought has crossed your mind too.  The obituary says a lot about a person. It tells their story.  I mean you can find out things you never knew about someone, like where they went to school, where they worked (or if they ever worked), how many siblings they had, any note-worthy accomplishments and just how old they really were.  If you are like me and you’re not able to attend the service you will ask a friend or relative to pick up an extra one for you. Grandmoms obit

Bottom line, it’s more than a lifestream, an obituary is like the eternal brochure of your life.

Did you ever attend a going-home service and there was no obituary?  Through-out the ceremony you have to keep reminding yourself not to be annoyed because they didn’t distribute any.  The first time that happened to me (I was much younger then) I thought that they only printed a few and had run out before I got mine.

My eternal brochure should be full color, printed on nice glossy paper – very polished and professional looking. Featuring tons of pictures of me in my finest hours surrounded by smiling, happy friends and adoring, loving family – oh and plenty of the pictures that I took too!

Wait, just hold on second. Let me rethink this. I’m hearing a song. It’s Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. Imagine Teddy crooning: If You Don’t Know Me By Now, You Will Never, Never, Never Know Me.

Yeah, I changed my mind. Just play that song, for those that missed the real “brochure”. Cause it’s their loss.


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7 responses to “Eternal Brochures

  1. nikkibond

    you’re not gonna die

  2. Exactly, I agree with The Bond Gurl….your existence doesn’t end. It only ends here.

  3. I lost my mother in July this year, it was while I was on vacation in Florida. Unfortunately, I was able to ‘handle’ it better because 4 years ago I lost my son. Death is final, and yes your obituary is your eternal brochure. However, there is no greater pain than the loss of a loved one, especially during the holiday. Thanks for such a thought provoking post.

    • LaTease, parting with loved ones can be very sad. Sorry to hear of your loss.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. May God bless you in the new year to come.

  4. This is a sweet, thoughtful post.

    Yes, I’ve thought about my “eternal brochure.” Honestly, I think funerals are a joke. Everyone becomes a saint when they die, at least at their funerals. I’m no saint. But I do try to think of how I want to be remembered. Unfortunately, that requires LIVING in a way that really warrants the memories I’m hoping my family will have. That’s the tough part.

    Teasa, I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my mom nearly seven years ago, but I’ve never lost a child. My sister lost two (premature twins) and a dear friend just lost one last month (military) and I do not know how people endure such pain. Love to you.

    But I do want to put in a bid for death being painful for survivors, but not final. I truly do believe in life after death. And I believe we will be reunited with those we love who have passed on.

    • Hi Alison,

      I thought it would be a good time for people to reflect and think about “purpose”. Even in our internet lives we need to remember it’s all being recorded (not just indexed by Google).

      Thanks for your kind words for LaTease also.

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