RETHINK Common Sense

I’ve always had an absurd way of looking at the world.  I’m considered strange by some, smart by others and there are those that call me “weird”.

In my own defense I’ll admit, that I’ve always wanted to be “interesting”.  For example, I keep hearing this term RETHINK.  It’s used a lot in advertising and I can’t figure out why the ad execs find it so appealing. 

Honestly, I find it rather insulting. 

It’s like they are saying “Hey stupid, stop thinking what you were thinking and start think what we tell you to think. If you buy our product you will be so happy that you are rethinking things.”

Common Sense tells me that I am way too smart to fall for that, but this strategy must be working on someone out there because they keep using it.  Try counting how many ads you see in a week demanding you to rethink something.

And let me know if  its just me and my absurd, interesting view of the world?  If you don’t agree with me – think again.


4 responses to “RETHINK Common Sense

  1. nikkibond

    i never thought about the “rethink” thing…very interesting…I will pay more attention and let you know my findings

  2. I could tell you what’s absurd – but I’ll do that privately.

    Is thinking another way equivalent to rethinking?

    I think it is not so I’ll rethink the question.

  3. Let me think about it for a minute then I’ll re-think it if I have enough think cells left… now that’s a thought!!!