Trane-ing Day Part 2, My Favorite Things 1961

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In Trane-ing Day you learned something about John Coltrane, now what are your favorite things?


9 responses to “Trane-ing Day Part 2, My Favorite Things 1961

  1. Is it just me, or is your blog look different every day??

    I’m too old to be playing tricks on, ya know.

    Your question reminded me of my bio where I list things I like, so, I cheated and copied it here…hope that’s okay…

    writing, hiking the Sandia Mountains under just about any condition–but fall especially, Olympic Trail Mix, white chocolate, Applets and Cotlets, skiing under control, quiet, movies, a summer evening’s warm breeze, the smell of lilac, the satisfaction of seeing a task completed, connectivity, graciousness, compassion, selflessness, patience, punctuality, dependability, comradeship, animals, and Hamlet. The world’s best story and the only thing of value I got from college.

    Best Regards, Galen
    Imagineering Fiction Blog

    • It’s not you, I wouldn’t want you to think that you were lost. After all not too many of us spell the name they way I do. Most of us our parents picked the “Eileen” spelling. Looks like I am destined to be unique.
      I feature my photography skills by using pictures that I have taken in the header. I have so many that it makes for a nice rotation. This one was taken from my hotle balcony in Atlantic City circa 2007. It didn’t seem to look right with the other theme I was using so I updated that too.

      Nice bio excerpt. You have many talents. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Nice blog!! Thanks for sharing the Trane vid!!

    • Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed your time here. Your blog is nice too so I will be checking in to see what you’re up too. I love the logo.

  3. Thanks a bunch, I created the logo for the fun of it. By the way, it’s just great to see folks like you who love jazz [music] … keep up the good work.

    Peace be with you, Rob

  4. Hey, let’s talk about your responses…and Junior ate my Coltrane CD! I never got the opportunity to hear it….the other CD were all songs from Donnie McClurkin’s, Live in London album. I’m so sorry that my dog ate my homework, thanks for your thoughtfulness. I wouldn’t dare ask for another one…not that I asked for the first but you were so kind.

    Until later,

    • JUNIOR!!! Here is some advice, I got rid of my dog when he started mis-behaving, so you had better stop it!!
      Oh….K! we can talk whenever you want. Hit me up on my cell if you like. Did you have the Donnie songs already? I can get you another Coltrane CD – no problem.

  5. Love it! I have this video on several blogs. Way to go.

  6. Coltrane is part of my daily routine, nice to know we have that in common also. You might want to follow my favorite jazz blog for all the jazz updates.