Gurus and Evangelists – 6 Creative People to Watch in 2010

Vote on Blog Engage[tweetmeme source=”ileane” style=”compact”]I’ve known about blogging since it became a cyberspace phenomena over a decade ago, yet this is my first blog.  I figured out that what I needed was an internet guru or an evangelists to inspire me.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Before you start thinking that this is a religious post let me give you some examples.  One of my favorite bloggers is the self-proclaimed Web Analytics Evangelist for Google Avinash Kaushik. Avinash has lots of great video tutorials that explain why you need web analytics in the first place and how you can get the most out of using it. I realize that his  video presentations are what initially captured my attention. I must be a visual learner, because I won’t even subscribe to a podcast unless it’s a video podcasts. I’m also fond of Avinash because he turned his blog into a book and all of the proceeds are donated to charity.

When it comes to gurus I have four that I watch faithfully every week.

Mr. Excel

Mr. Excel

One is Bill Jelen Mr. Excel.  He stands head and shoulders above the rest because he will explain any and every feature available in Excel that you could possibly imagine and if you go to his website you can download his books for free.  That is something so rare that it cannot go without mention.

The other three gurus are all rolled up into one funky, little podcast called Photoshop User TV. The Photoshop guys are very talented and you can watch the podcast just for laughs.

Photoshop User TV

Photoshop User TV

They give step-by-step instructions to help you manipulate images on a whole different level then what you might expect.  But in contrast to Mr. Excel they don’t give many books away for free.  Don’t get me wrong, they have a contest or two every week and the winner gets a free magazine or a subscription but their book sales punctuate every podcast.

Yesterday Word Press gave me a glimpse of the blogosphere guru I’ve been longing for Timothy Ferriss. I watched this awesome video Blogging Without Killing Yourself that gave me insights and a fresh approach to blogging.

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss

I might end up finding some other blog evangelists in the coming weeks, but I’ll never forget Tim because he was my first. I also found out that he has a talk on called Smash Fear, Learn Anything and I now I’m truly hooked. Tim is author of bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek, he’s credited with coining the phrase lifestyle design, has over 57,000 tweeps, and he is on the list of 20 People That Started as Bloggers, Who Are Now So Much More.

I’ll blog more about Ideas Worth Spreading, in a future post because I think you’ve had more than enough of gurus and evangelists for today.


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13 responses to “Gurus and Evangelists – 6 Creative People to Watch in 2010

  1. Wonderful! I love this one and I’m honored that you shared with me prior to sharing with the world.

    Best believe I’m not walking away empty handed.

    And, just think, I thought I was digging Whut the Eff…..not like this.

  2. I’m glad that you like Ileane’s blog. Keep checking back for more posts. I have a lot to talk about.

  3. Yesterday I read something about spending little time at my computer desk. I want to get in what I have to say and get out.

    My biggest issue is getting and keeping a consistent audience….you know people who don’t know me. And, I will truly be happy when I’m done with the organization of the page.

    Thanks for keeping me informed.

  4. I like to see what you learn being put into practice!

    Great pics and hilarious additions.

  5. Thanks for stopping by again. Day-by-day…

  6. A very interesting and informative post. This is my favorite kind of read, news you can use. In this case, it’s not so much news as it is information you can use. I’m particularly interested in looking over the Google Analytics blog by Avinash Kaushik. Thanks for the helpful post.

    Best Regards, Galen
    Imagineering Fiction Blog

  7. Galen, I’m glad that you found it interesting. Avinash has a link on his page to all of his talks and he’s also on YouTube. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Hi Ileane, Hard to make such a list of 6- there’s so many amazingly creative people out there. I’ve only come across Tim Ferriss from your list – and like what he has to say a lot. Cheers, Will (and well done on prompting Brian to make his own video – he might well also be one of the “people to watch in 2010, I’m sure his community will grow much much larger in the coming months).

    • Hi Will,

      Thanks for visiting the blog and for the BE votes! You are right. It looks like I will need to do another post soon called “More creative people to watch in 2010”. Great idea.

      I hope you noticed that I added you to the Twitter List Currently there are 38 bloggers and 7 followers.


  9. I love the work Tim Ferris puts out.

    I’ve not heard of Bill Jelen Mr Excel before so I’ll be checking his work out asap.

    Photoshop is one of my greatest passions (bordering on obsessions) and although I’ve come across PhotoshopUserTV before I hadn’t taken the time to see what they were offering…! I’ll be checking these out for sure Ileane.


  10. If you haven’t read the Ferriss book yet, do it now! Great to get you out of your rut and into looking at things with new eyes!

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