Top 5 Blog Topics

Hmmm. Let’s see, I’m wondering, what should I blog about?Vote on Blog Engage

I’ve been researching several topics recently with the help of Addict-o-matic and here are my options:

  1. Page Rank
  2. Netvibes
  3. StumbleUpon
  4. Forums
  5. Commenting

Page Rank

Unlike most bloggers, Page Rank is not a huge concern for me.  For example, this post from Shel Holtz: ABC, principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, tells why Technorati rank USED to be important.

Despite a wealth of channels for searching the blogosphere, Technorati remains important because it’s the only tool that offers a clue about the reputation and influence of each blog. By evaluating a number of factors, including inbound links on a rolling six-month basis, Technorati is able to assign a rank and an authority level for each blog. When identifying bloggers for outreach, these metrics have proven invaluable. You can’t find anything comparable on any other blog search engine, including the popular Google Blogsearch.

But like any tool, Technorati’s usefulness vanishes if it’s broken. And Technorati has been broken in a big way for some time. What’s more, they don’t seem to be very interested in fixing it.

via What the hell is up with Technorati?.

Alternatives for using Technorati and other tips, can be found in this post from Timethief. You can check your page rank at this site and check page rank alongside Alexa rank at Bulk Page Rank Checker.

Let me add that while I don’t care much about Page Rank, I realize that a good number of you do, so I feel better now that I have provided you with some resourceful links.


I was totally prepared to do my next screencast on NetVibes when I received an email inviting me to check out the new Wasabi Edition.


You cannot imagine how disappointed I was to find that the “Test Wasabi” link turned out to be a page where I could sign up for the wait list for Wasabi beta invites. 😦  Four days later I have not received the invitation. Even the site review from highly regarded TechCrunch added to the tease, us by using this title Netvibes Delivers A Potent Stream Reader With Wasabi (Beta Invites).


I first addressed the topic of Social Networking Resources back in the middle of August. I only began to scratch the surface of the topic. Since then, I’ve learned about social bookmarking sites and my two favorites at the moment are Diigo and StumbleUpon.

Please don’t confuse Diigo with Digg because they are too very different entities. My Mother always used to say, if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all . So this is how I feel about Digg (silence).  On the other hand, I like Diigo so much that I started a group for users to share articles featuring tips and techniques for our blogs. Read more about the Diigo Users group here.

I was so excited when I learned the benefits of using SU and the link shortener, that I quickly published an article on Posterous called StumbleUpon Demystified and a review on Shvoong of the using the link shortening site.


  1. Website Babble
  2. Blog Engage
  3. Bevy Host

These are the three forums that I joined and for me, they are in that order of preference. I could go on telling you how fantastic the Website Babble and Blog Engage communities are. Or I could tell you that they have different rules and guidelines so be sure to read them before you join. Hey, I could even give you their Alexa Rank (just kidding). But, I’m not. You will have a different experience than I’m having, so why should I try to convince you how great they are? Just simply join them and see for yourself.  As for Bevy Host, I think I told you already what my Mother used to say…


Over the last three weeks, if I wasn’t tweeting, stumbling, participating in forums, or bookmarking articles on Diigo I was commenting on other blogs. I made some new friends and heck, I know that I even made quite a few bloggers feel pretty good (they told me so).  I made myself feel good too.  I also learned a lot and I hope you’ve learned something from this post as well. Now it’s your turn to speak. Go ahead, make my day!


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45 responses to “Top 5 Blog Topics

  1. I was really excited when I started using StumbleUpon. Didn’t quite understand the purpose of clicking a button to take me to a random site.
    You’re post about StumbleUpon gave me a better understanding of the entire point of the service. Another thing I didn’t know is that you are not allowed to stumble your own content because if the admins find out you can get banned (heard that from someone).
    Now I’m a full-time Stumbler and I’m happy. Your blog is a nice social media resource, keep up the good work!
    I am also happy with meeting you and being your blog buddy. Hope we will have a lot of nice times on the web in the days and months to come and also teach each other some good and useful stuff 🙂

  2. Hi Gordon,
    I’m glad we are blog buddies too! Thanks for your continued support here and on the WB forum – and for Stumbling this post! This is good karma for us both. See you in Twitterville.

  3. Ileane,

    You’re too much for me.

    There is so much you can blog about….

    building cars




    I’m trying to keep up.

    I’m going to check out The Bond Gurl!

  4. Pagerank is indirectly dependent on the comments you comment on do-folllow blogs and get some nice Backlinks :).
    The 5 topics which you have chosen are good and the most wanted by any bloggers :).
    I came to knew about netvibes now, so I will research more on it and would like to know more about it. 🙂 🙂

  5. Sunny,
    You can use the search to do your research for NetVibes. Timethief gave a brief overview of NetVibes here is the link
    There is always something new to learn. Thank you for stopping by. Best wishes on the success of your new website.

  6. Great resources! I seriously LOVE your blog! I’m going to join those forums. I’m already on Stumble. I use Digg, but I’ll have to check out Diigo. I’ll check out the other sites you recommend too. They all seem like fun upon first glance. I love how you don’t provide links to the sites you don’t endourse… good move!

  7. Hi Angela S.,

    It’s so much fun to read your comments. I’m you are enjoying the blog. I’ll take a look at your stumbles and visit your blog again soon.


  8. Well hello Ms. Ileane.

    I’ve enjoyed the read and picked up a few new resources as well. Much appreciated. 😉

  9. Hi Jimi,

    Nice of you to stop by and I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. Hope to see you here again soon.

  10. Hey Ms IIeane, Nice selection of topics there…
    Netvibes is a new one for me – I have just checked your page on it.
    I look forward to your screencast on this, when you do eventually get your Wasabi invite 🙂

  11. Johnluffa,

    Nice of you to visit! I thinking of doing another screencast soon, I might not wait for Wasabi. I’ll tweet you when it’s posted.

    Thanks for the nice comment.

  12. hey ileane. great post. i have to say forums are one of the best ways to find topics for your blog as well as generating traffic. Think about it, if you look at differnet forums you can see that most questions asked on forums are about popular stuff, so why not make a post talking about such a topic. its a good way to get new ideas for your next post. and as you said commenting is a great way to make friends with other bloggers, which can be good for both sides, since you can both learn from each other as well as driving traffic to each others blog.
    any how thank you for the post.

    • Great ideas satrap! Talking about popular topics can make you popular! Makes so much sense, but never thought of it. I do blog about Twitter quite a bit, but that’s just because I love the tool. I’ll have to look into other popular topics to blog about. Thanks!!

  13. Satrap,

    I am enjoying the forums. It is a rewarding experience, glad you agree.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment.

  14. I think more concentration should be given for the SEO cause you need to give more focus on it. Initially commenting on different blogs will be of help but later on you need to have something more than that………

  15. I have not tried diigo or delicious for bookmarking my posts. Does it really help? I am not getting any significant traffic from digg and stumble upon as well but i am still trying is as I am getting some traffic from it. I tried blogcatalog as well, it is good way to drive some traffic.
    I am heading over to website babble as I have never tried it. Let us see what it has to offer.

    • Ricky,
      I use Diigo to bookmark articles when I am researching a topic. I don’t use it to build traffic. I also use it to keep track of articles that I make comments on especially if I don’t subscribe to the comments via email.
      Using StumbleUpon to build traffic is very tricky. Some of the posts I submitted did not see any traffic, but when someone else submitted one of my posts, my traffic went through the roof. I like to use the link shortener because it combines StumbleUpon with Twitter and I always get traffic if I use it. It also provides statistics that breakdown how much traffic is coming from twitter and how much is organic traffic from SU.
      One of the bloggers over at BlogEngage, Keller Hawthorne has posted an excellent review of blog directories and Blog Catalog is her top pick
      You can vote for her. And I hope you are voting for my posts too!
      I will look for you over at Website Babble, or you can let me know if you decide to join.

  16. Thank you for the tip and recommendation. I did hear about service but never tried it. I am planning to add a link love post at my blog (I am unsure about it as I have a technology niche) especially for blogengage posts only to create my own community. I will definitely add your post as I got to know something.

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  19. very informative…i like the comment about diigo vs digg.

  20. I completely agree with the comments about Technorati. I have completely given up on them, and I think they have too. 😉

    I get a surprising amount of traffic from StumbleUpon, but it’s kind of like Digg for me now. I’m only on long enough to submit my post. I saw in the comments you have a post about it though, so I’ll check that out.

  21. Brad,

    Do you ever get any comments or subscribers from your StumbleUpon traffic? I am starting to think more in terms of moving away from using SU. I keep going back and forth on how I feel about it. But the good thing is, I’m still learning. Thanks for your input.

  22. U say PR is not important for u. I think if seo matter to u PR should too. Higher PR means higher listing in Google.
    do you have different take on it?

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by and leaving a valuable comment. My take is that I blog for 2 reasons, my readers and myself – not Google. Currently I don’t have any ads on my site, so my page rank in Google is not relevant. I do a lot of social networking to expose my blog to new readers. I know a lot of bloggers spend hours concentrating on page rank (that is why I provide some resources for them) but I don’t need my blood pressure to go any higher than it already is! lol

      Thanks again!

  23. Really good resources I must say I’ve never really gotten much value out of stumbleupon but I’m really eager to have a look at diigo and addict-o-matic is gold. The more I look round and read posts like these I realize the key in this blogging game is a strong social network not any site or service.

    • Hi Mike,

      The networking potential of Blog Engage is awesome isn’t it? Thanks for dropping such a nice comment. I was thinking of mentioning Diigo in our conversation this morning about Evernote. As far as I know, Diigo doesn’t have any offline capabilities like Evernote, but it’s what I use for research. The highlighting and stick note features rule!

      I’ll see you in Twitterville!

  24. I haven’t actually made active use of Diigo, except to open an account there. I agree that Technorati rank is pretty much useless, I used to track the Blog Reactions, but the checker broke over a month ago. PageRank is only a concern if you are trying to monetize your blog, because many advertisers still care about pagerank and alexa rank to determine if they will advertise with you or pay you.

    My favorite social sites are (not in particular order), BlogEngage, Twittley, and StumbleUpon myself for promoting my content. I once in a rare moon use digg, and I get quite a bit of traffic from forums for my movie reviews and NBC Heroes review.

    • Dragon Blogger, that is quite a mini-resume you got going there. I’m sure it’s only a small part of what you have your hands in.
      I have a Blog Enage list on Diigo (seems I have a Blog Engage list everywhere) and I’ve saved some articles from Engagers as research for future posts.

      I would love to hear more about Twittley and IMDB. IMDB is one of the very first websites I ever surfed. I’ll look you up on StumbleUpon.

      Thanks for sharing your comment.

  25. dismas070492

    hai. just want to share a little.
    I have another topic that always popular.

    this is the topic =”increasing blog visitor”

  26. Hi,

    Don’t quite understand why you don’t like Digg. I have used Digg to promote my blog and I am quite satisfied with the results.

    On the other hand, StumbleUpon, I ended up using just as online bookmarking site. Didn’t see any real value in it, or perhaps I did not really use it properly 😦

  27. Nish, from my experience with Digg it’s pretty clear that someone like you or me can never get on the front page or become a top Digger. Out of close to 100 stories that I submitted I think the most Diggs I received for one of my post was 4 or 5. On the other hand I’ve been on the front page of Blog Engage at least once or twice every week since I joined.

    I think it all boils down to your personal goals and expectations. So if Digg is working for you, I’m glad to hear it. I still have my account open and you can look for me as Ileane Smith.

    Here’s a very popular article I wrote with some fast tips for using StumbleUpon

    I hope you find it helpful.

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  29. Thanks for introducing me to Addict-o-matic. That service could come in handy.

  30. It’s a fun tool to use. After you have done your initial search, look up at the top and click “Available Sources” for even more goodies.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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  32. Hi every one, I am a totally brand new blogger. Still trying to understand what is social networking for blogger. Where should I start? BE or Stumbleupon ? and How?

    • Hi Lolivo,

      Welcome to the world of blogging. Since you are using you have come to the right place for advice. The first thing you need to do is read through the Support pages at and watch the related episodes of
      Or you can take a look at the posts in the Users Group I started on Diigo If you want to join this group, let me know.

      Thanks for visiting and happy blogging!

  33. You made my life so much better after reading your posts. Thanks

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