Introduction: The Blog Engage Community [Video]

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In my last post, Top 5 Blog Topics I mentioned how I am a member of  the Blog Engage community and I urge other bloggers that are interested in promoting their blog to do the same.

In this first screencast, we will visit the website and I’ll show you how easy it is to sign up.

New Benefit – Google AdSense

The second video, explores additional benefits of the BlogEngage website and a major announcement from Brian, owner of the BlogEngage website that you simply do not want to miss!

I’m more than happy to answer any of your questions and after you join the community, please let me know so that I can vote on your posts.

You can follow my Blog Engage List on Twitter If you’re a member of Blog Engage and don’t see yourself on the list, let me know I’ll add your tweets. I also recommend that before you get started read 10 Tips for Better Blog Engage Results from Extreme John and check out Brian’s list of articles from Share the love, who’s talking about Blog Engage.


UPDATE: Blog Engage has seen a surge in activity recently including several new members and mentions:

Shvoong review

Whatawebsite review

Alexa Ranking

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39 responses to “Introduction: The Blog Engage Community [Video]

  1. Ileane, firstly I want to say thanks as this means so much to me. To see a live video on the community and the way you described it was just awesome!

    • Brian,
      All I can say is Wow! Your radar is on high alert, I think I just hit “publish” about 2 seconds ago. You are very welcome and it’s my pleasure to do the screencast. My browser is IE8 and I know that there are many problems with the browser, but I’m stuck because it’s a requirement for my day job.

      Thanks for your continued support. We can talk more about the browser issues soon.

  2. That’s so odd I also use Internet explorer 8 at work but I have no issues! So much of your page was messed up and nothing fit I feel so embarrassed lol.

    Are you working on a small screen or something?

  3. Very good review for BlogEngage, actually videos are the best way to review a website!

  4. I enjoyed this post so much. Your voice is so calming – listening to it was like spending time in a spa. 😉
    The BlogEngage website looks really promising even though I noticed some problems and bugs here and there but I definitely registered. Also added you as a friend!

    • Hey Gordon,
      Thanks for the kind words. I really glad you joined, I added you as a friend also. You will be a great asset to the community. Brian and I were trying to work out some bugs concerning the way the BlogEngage site looks in my video, maybe you can give us a hand. I’m sure that my browser is a factor.

      I’ll be voting for your posts and look forward to reading your blog. See you in Twitterville!

      • I might have some suggestions yea. Are you and Brian talking about it on the forums so I can jump in or should I just email/PM him?

  5. I have been using blog engage for some time, and its good to see a video presentation of one of my favorite social bookmarking community. Congrats Brian, your hard work is giving good results.

    Thanks for the post Ileane, will keep visiting your blog for more updates.

    • Hi Uttoransen,

      Thanks for the visit and the nice comments. I have some homework to do on your blog also.

    • Hi Uttoran Sen thanks so much for the positive feedback! Ileane has been such a great member of the community to do such as video!

      I’m so excited about this I cannot control myself what a great idea Ileane.

  6. Blogengage is a good community to get good traffic. Thanks to brian for creating such a great community.

  7. Hi Ricky,

    I couldn’t agree with you more.


  8. Marvin D Wilson

    You come up with the coolest stuff, Ileane. I gotta head out for a 10 hr drive and running late this am, but got this post bookmarked. think I’ll give this one a go. thanks!

    The Old silly

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  10. Wow Ileane, teach me something new everyday. I want to be like you when I grow up!!

    • Thanks for the visit and the kind words. I guess we have to keep learning from each other because I feel the same way. See you in Twitterville.

  11. Thanks for this post Ms. Ileane.

    Timely as usual 🙂 I will be joining the community, but wanted to look into it a bit more first, then comes this post.

    Go ahead with your bad self!

  12. Hi Jimi,

    Great news!

    I’m looking forward to “engaging” with you in the community. You will be a great asset.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and don’t forget to vote for this one.

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  16. This is the first time I have heard of blog engage. Probably because I’m a newbie in blogging. I’m going to check this out. 🙂

    • Walter,
      Thanks for visiting my blog.
      Blog Engage is perfect for newcomers. I started blogging in July so I’m pretty “green” also. I just had a quick glance at your blog and it’s gorgeous. Let me know when you join and I’ll be sure to give you some support.

      Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  17. Nice video Ileane!

    I just commented on your other post about blog engage and this video was just what I was looking for. A bit of an introduction to blog engage. Will definitely get back and check out blog engage now 😉 It’s been growing rapidly hasn’t it!

    Reminds me of Digg but specifically for bloggers. 🙂 Really like how it shows the avatars and names of those who have voted for blog posts straight away – very cool.

    Ileane you are always posting videos of ground-breaking new blogging tools (the last one was buzzom) that get me to take action. Thanks again!

    Sarge |

  18. Wow great post!

    I submitted a few of my better blog posts to blog engage. Will set up my blog with blog engage buttons in the next few days.

    Thanks again for getting me back on it! 😉

  19. Hi Ileane,

    It’s a real pleasure to include your blog as today’s “Site Of The Day” at – and I hope I have time to write to you tomorrow concerning some more ideas about promoting our brilliant community at ( but it may be Tuesday as I’m also very busy in the “working world” !)

    Thanks again


    • Dear Will,
      The pleasure is all mine. Thanks for listing me on “Site Of The Day” I am among excellent company. The honor is much appreciated!

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  22. Very informative post. thank you. I’m also following your Blog Engage List on Twitter.

  23. Thanks for the very informative videos. I just recently started engaging again and getting this nice and warm welcome from you guys is really great.

  24. Archon,

    Thanks for visiting. Blog Engage is the best place for bloggers to hang out and show support for each other by voting, commenting and tweeting each other. Blogger Nirvana…

    See you in Twitterville!

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