Blog Engagers That Make My Day!

Vote on Blog EngageDeveloping a quality blog is hard work for some and second nature to others. Yet most bloggers all have one thing in common. We want people to read our blogs. Wether you make money with your blog or have an ad-free blog like myself, it’s nice to know that someone out there is paying your blog some attention and even better if they end up giving it some tender “link” loving care.

Blog Engage Website

I was fortunate enough to find the Blog Engage community and if you are blogging, and you’re not already a member, I encourage you to join today.  I became an instant fan and a huge supporter of the Blog Engage community. I created two introductory videos that can be viewed on and posted a monthly recap of my Blog Engage activity for November.

Over the past two weeks, here are the examples of the backlink luv and warm heartfelt mentions that has touched me personally and scattered the seeds of growth throughout my traffic garden.

Blog Engager are wonderful people that make my day!

I would like to thank everyone that included me in their posts and for every vote, tweet and retweet in support of my posts. The support has been very encouraging and it is deeply appreciated.

As the Blog Engage community continues to grow, don’t be a bystander, get engaged so that you can become a part of this amazing phenomenon.  Let me know if you need any assistance, I will be more than happy to help get you started on your next positive move towards blogging success.

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56 responses to “Blog Engagers That Make My Day!

  1. Nice shout out to some great community members, Ileane!

  2. Ileane,

    You’re the reason I’m starting to get into Blog Engage and I really thank you for that. I love the community and buzz it is bringing and I’ve made it my goal from here on end to participate more in blog engage.

    I get the feeling it’s going to be so much bigger than it is already now. Great community, great people 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work – you’ve made an amazing contribution to the blogging world! Especially to me 🙂

    Sarge |

    • Hey Sarge,

      I have a funny feeling your blog is going to show up the next time I do a Blog Engage post. LOL!

      Thanks for being my “long-time” blog buddy.

  3. Hey, Ileane – I am absolutely amazed at how this idea has grown. You are the only reason I know about Blog Engage. You have done tremendous work promoting, educating and brainstorming to get get the word out.

    I just saw the post for Twittermoms – Amazed!

    You deserve it all!

    Thanks again,


    • Hey Sabrina,

      I see that the community is embracing you as well. I’m happy to see your post get published, I’m sure it is the first of many to come.

      Don’t forget to vote!


  4. Thank you for the mention Ms Ileane. Reading the feedback you’ve gotten above and on your other posts, it shows you are having a very positive impact on your readers here and the community over at BlogEngage.

    Warmest regards,


  5. It’s a real pleasure to see that our community is growing everyday, I feel this is the most wonderful moment of my blogging life 😉

    • Hesham,

      I wish there was enough hours in the day because I need to do one post that is dedicated just for you!

      I’ve been trying to figure out how I first heard about Blog Engage and I’ve come to the conclusion that it was from one of your posts that I first found the link. I owe you a lot and I promise that I will not forget about you. You are an avid supporter of Blog Engage and someone that I’m glad to have in my corner.


  6. Hi Ileane, many, many thanks for the mention 😉

    • Hi Karen,

      You’re more than welcome. Please be sure to vote when you get a chance.

      See you in Twitterville.

      Thank you.

  7. Ileane,

    Hey Go Giver! Thanks so much for the mention. I second your thoughts and feelings about the Blog Engage community. There’s no other blog directory like it because of the community.


    • Brad you’re the best! I’ll be checking out your blog later today. You’re such an active member of Blog Engage with very valuable information on your blog. I’m anxious to see what goodies you have in store next.


  8. 😦 Well I tried! LOL 🙂 You have compiled a list of great folks here. Keep up the awesome work.

    • Hi there, you’ll be on the list next time, I’m sure. Your comments, votes and support are greatly appreciated. See you in Twitterville (or FriendFeed)!

  9. Hey Ileane,

    even for a non-member of blogengage it is obvious how much you feel part of it, how much your blog(s) are growing through it and how you yourself grow in your posts. Eversince I read my first post of yours in September you’ve developed so much including, iTunes and all the other things you did / do.

    I can only say: congratulations! Keep up with the good work and your inspiring and engaging nature I can see everyday in Twitter (and all the other places).



  10. Ileane,

    I think that it is absolutely wonderful that you take time to give thanks to the people that interact with online. Too often we get caught up in the fast nature of the internet and assume people will continue to support us even with Thank You.

    Great way to set an example!!!

    Ryan H.,

    • Hey Ryan,

      It’s nice to see you here. I hope that you and I can interact with each other soon. I’ll take a look to see what you have submitted recently over at Blog Engage, so we can keep this going.


  11. Thanks for the mention Ileane. I am definitely going to vote this one up

  12. Hi Ileane,

    My first message with a working again laptop!
    (Actions speak louder than words!)

    Lots of catching up to do now ….



  13. Anytime:) Just keep up the good work and you are sure to get my attention all the time, lol. Thanks for the “linkback” too..

  14. i love the blog engage community too, its really engaging. Blog engage has helped me to find many bloggers and most of all they all very supportive.

    am planning to write a few posts on blogengage too 🙂

    • Wow, how nice of you to do that Alexa review for me (without me begging you). Thanks for your support, Blog Engage is the best!

  15. Ileane,
    Somehow I ran across your blog which directed me to blogengage. I am just getting started at the site, but wanted to thank you since it has been a great experience thus far. I look forward to getting more active in the community in 2010.

    • WooHoo! Another Blog Engage recruit! Glad you joined us. I’ll take a look at your submissions. Thanks for letting me know.

  16. What a treat to be included in this post with other great bloggers who understand the value of BE and how it could help us all. Thanks and I am glad I found your blog through BE!

    • I’m glad I found your blog too, Brian gets all the credit. There is no end to the fantastic bloggers to meet at the BE forum. Thanks for sharing your comment.

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  18. Love BlogEngage and all the cool people. In the week or so that I have been a member it has become one of my fist stops during my morning “places to go.”

    I try and Tweet it several times a day and hope to see it continue to grow. Peace, and thanks Ileane!

  19. Is there such a thing as Blog Engage For Dummies book out there for a slower species like me?

    I am a recent joiner and I love the whole concept of what Brian is doing, I don’t know when the guy ever sleeps, frankly. Yet I am never comfortable over there for some reason, like I dont belong.

    I plan to stay with it because a guy with a network of some 80+ blogs, landing pages, stores and the like, could sure use some help/guidance.

    I thought I might throw out a challenge to Ms. Ileane and see if she might want to take me on as an experiment for Blog Engage, it could turn out to be a three part series of articles that she writes about on her blog then posts on Blog Engage while I talk about the experience of working with her-on my blog AND then posting that on Blog Engage as well. We would both benefit from this and so would the reader I think.

    Anybody want to second the motion?

  20. Hello! Just wondering if you read my latest post on SEO basics. I hope you don’t mind- I took the liberty of doing a little keyword research on a few phrases that could fit your niche. These are just off the top of my head, and I’m sure there are are others that may work better, but just for some ideas.

    In my new post I go over the critical importance of a blogs title tag. Looking at some of my new friends blogs, I notice that many title tags could use a little adjustment. I love when bloggers receive as much traffic as possible for the hard work that they do. You have some great videos, and with some changes to your title tags you could start to receive much more Google traffic!

    Not wanting to step on any toes, just wanting to share. “-)

    These would be good Title Tags

    “video podcasting” Search Volume 4,400
    “online video podcast” Search Volume 1,600
    “how to video podcast” Search Volume 2,400
    “how to video tutorials” Search Volume 1,300

    These are some phrases to consider when promoting BlogEngage.

    “article submission” Search Volume 40,500
    “article submission sites” Search Volume 3,600
    Blog Content Structure – SEO Best Practices Part 1

    Peace to all!

  21. Cool! Thanks for sharing the SEO knowledge. As you can see I don’t pay any of that stuff too much attention, although I probably should. I’m going to take a look at your post and follow the series. Thanks for caring!

    I got a question for you. Now that Bing is moving up in the search ranks do you research keywords separately for Bing searches?

    I noticed that one of the Blog Engagers who posts her stats is consistently getting more traffic from Bing (double) than from Google.

    Any thoughts on the topic? I mean as long as the bounce rate doesn’t go up Bing traffic is just as good as Google traffic right?

    I’m on my way to your blog now.

  22. Sure, traffic is traffic, and over the past month I have noticed more Bing visitors.
    The question I would ask is why Bing is out performing Google? This tells me that there needs to be some major adjustments in order to capture the full potential of Google.
    Fist thing to check is the tags, Title, Description, and Keywords. I’d have to look at the Google Analytics and do some research for a more specific answer.

    and yes… SEO is a GOOD this to pay attention to. “-)

    • I think that there is a different question. What I mean is that Google is making up the rules right, so Bing can’t “out perform” them can they? The question is why a given site is “performing” better on Bing than on Google. I would assume paying Google for adword holds more weight than any SEO webmaster rules, don’t you? For example, let’s say I have a site that isn’t optimized but I buy plenty of adwords, in the long run isn’t Google going to crawl my site more frequently than the optimized site that never buys adwords?

      What do you think?

  23. “paying Google for adword holds more weight than any SEO webmaster rules, don’t you?”

    Actually not even Google has control over Google. Many times Google has a hard time ranking for their own pages! It’s up to the cyber critters who gets the listings.

    “so Bing can’t “out perform” them can they?”

    That is up to consumers. Google is #1 because they provide the best user experience. As an SEO, I try to help Google provide this good user experience by catering to what Google’s critters want. Right now there are two types of bloggers; 1. real bloggers 2. internet marketers
    Internet marketers try ways to fool Google into listing there page. I’m old school.

    There are many factors in why, when, and how often critters crawl your site. The first step is using basic SEO best practice when putting together your pages and posts.

  24. With the current theme that you are using, you are committed to “Ms. Ileane Speaks” as your title tag – your MOST important tag. This would be your most important first step toward SEO.

    You could easily make a custom header with “Mr. Ileane Speaks” on it. This would allow you to keep your name in your header, while allowing you the freedom change your title tag in “General Settings.”

    I would never keep a theme over a title tag.

    • Help!

      I’m not sure what you mean. My vocabulary skills are lacking in this area. I don’t know the difference between title tag and header (for my blog or any other). And why is my theme preventing me from changing which ever one I need to change?

      I guess the real question is, why would WordPress allow a theme with this problem?

      Whew! I hope I said that correctly.

      • Each theme is “open source” so WordPress has nothing to do with it. Individual people just make them and give them away!

        Each one is different. Some allow for a “custom header image.” Right now your image has no writing in it. Your title Right now is:
        “Ms. Ileane Speaks”

        This also happens to be your title tag. This title tag tells Google, Bing and all other search engines what your blog is about. Right now they have no idea. “Ms. Ileane Speaks” is not a term that very many people in the world search for.

        However- as an example- “how to video podcast” gets 2,400 searches per month. The more keyword phrases you rank for, the more traffic you get. The more people see your work.

        “Insights on social media, life, love, music, money and anything else that comes to mind.” Just happens to be your second most important tag called the meta description tag. This should have your keywords as well.

        If you make a photo header, you can keep what you have and change the tags. Watch the video in the comments that I left you. Let me know what questions that you still have. Thanks for the interest. I love helping people who love to blog!

        • Fantastic! I don’t know what I would do without you. It’s going to take me some time to digest all of this…you really are CyberSmart (but I knew that already).

  25. I also love BlogEngage much. And this post has given me a great idea to write on my next post (about BlogEngage). Thanks Ileane.

    • Oh wow, I love inspiring ideas. Please let me know when it’s posted so I can show some Blog Engage luv. Thanks Isaac.

  26. blog engage..yeah ,i think i should try this. listen to your blog said , blogengage should be a great place for us ,for blogger

  27. Ileane,

    Such a great list, I read most of these blogs. I should comment more on them. =)

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  31. nice posting about community, thanks for share ^_^