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Vote on Blog Engage[tweetmeme source=”ileane”]Using free blogging software from WordPress known as, such as I do here on this blog Ms. Ileane Speaks,  is a great way to get started with blogging.  I discuss the debate about blogging on over other free platforms like Blogger over at Ms. Ileane’s Blog, but using any free blogging software platform has several disadvantages. It’s much better to register a domain name, acquire a web host and download the software for a self-hosted WordPress blog.

I won’t list all of the disadvantages for using here, but one of the primary arguments against having a free blog is the fact that you cannot use plugins or various themes that can improve your SEO and Page Rank with Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines.

For those of us that continue to use the free service you can rest assured, there is still hope.  This morning I checked the page rank for this blog using Google Page Rank checker and I was pleased to see a score of 4 out of 10.

Free PageRank Checker

This is a pretty good score considering I haven’t applied many SEO strategies. I mentioned previously in Top 5 Blog Topics, that page rank has not been a huge concern for me on this blog.

In the upcoming year, I’ve made a resolution to learn more about SEO.  I’m finding some of the SEO techniques pretty easy to do and you can get started today. Here’s a short video from Chuck at CyberSmartMarketing called Link Surfing Your Website for On-Page SEO to give you a hand.

If you are considering the move to a self-hosted WordPress blog or website, contact Chuck at CyberSmartMarketing. You can also follow him on Twitter @MrCyberSmartSEO

In the meantime, take a look at your page rank and leave a comment to let me know where you stand.


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63 responses to “Google Page Rank on a Blog

  1. I care not to disclose that info at this time.


    • Kissie, whenever you are ready to talk about SEO, let me know and we’ll get some help from Chuck to boost your ranking. Thanks for the vote at Blog Engage.

  2. I’m still not sure where I stand, as my toolbar is not showing PR for any sites right now. But whatever it is, I’m still more focused on visitors and subscribers than PR. 🙂

    • Kristie, when I use the link for the page rank checker on your site has a rank of 4.
      I agree with you about not really focusing on page rank. You have such a great blog that I recommend that all of my readers should give you a visit.
      Thanks for coming by.

  3. Congratulations! This is a major accomplishment. I’m so happy for you. I had a feeling you were going to get some goodies from Google! You work hard and do a great job on all your vids and podcasts. Hey, that video looks familiar…”-)

    I want to thank you also for the support that you have given me.

    I just posted probably the MOST important vid thus far…

  4. Thanks Chuck, I’m on your site now!

  5. Congrats on your PR. That’s wonderful!

    Don’t worry about PR too much though. PR doesn’t have as much weight as it use to have.

    I get 8,991 visits a month from Google that’s because I focus more on my keyword placement than my Page rank.

  6. Rose,

    You’re right. I never “worry” about it at all, it’s just nice to see on the rise, especially since I’m using a free service.

    Thanks for stopping by and for the BE vote.

  7. This was a really good post and awesome tip to follow Chuck, I’m working with him at the moment to improve my page rank etc. I scored really low on this site is only 8 weeks old and page ranked 1!

    I get all my traffic from social media, but I’m working on it to make sure search engine traffic takes over.

    Well worth a re-tweet, great site!

    • James, thanks for the retweet. Chuck is a great guys for helping us the way he has. He is another one of the great people from Blog Engage.

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  12. Congrats for the pr3, i saw it yesterday, its a great achievement for a blog so new 🙂

  13. I own two blogs now, one gets PR4 and the other gets PR2. I do agree that visitors and contents are more important than PR

    • Hey Tinh,

      Nice to see you here. I think that I’ve visited both your blogs before, but if you get a chance can you share the link to your other blog. I know you have some good resources there as well.


  14. That’s great news Ileane – Well done.
    Then again, you have worked hard for it.

    Google recently ran an update and rewarded websites and blogs that met their ranking requirements.

    We need to get you over to self-hosting though 😉 when the time is right of course.

    Keep up the good work and Happy New Year

    • Hi John – Thanks!

      Based on what I’ve heard it seemed impossible to get this rank on free WordPress, but I guess Google is changing their calculation methods.

      Stay-tuned a self-hosted blog is coming…

  15. Congratulations on your healthy PR, and thanks for sharing Chuck’s site (great resource).

  16. I went from a PR4 to PR3, but I’m not fussed as I don’t place any importance on PR. I do however feel that people who are serious about blogging should move to a self hosted blog.

  17. Hi JoAnn, Thanks for visiting. Chuck has a great blog, glad you are finding it useful.

  18. You are doing good linkbuilding work I think for which you get page rank 3. Keep up your work. Wish you all the best.

  19. Yeah, I agree with you. There is no free lunch, if we want something good we have to pay for it.

    Btw, why don’t you get your own domain Ileane? I see that your blog is growing big here. May be it’s time for you to move to a higher level of blogging: on your own dimain 🙂

  20. Krasimir Dzhantov

    Google updated their database on 31th of dec 2009.

    I also received nice page ranks on about 10 of my newly created webpages and blogs.

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  22. I was told that real bloggers look down on those with free platform blogs but you have totally blown that conception away for me!
    When I started blogging just 3 short years ago there were no such things as free platforms. Now you have an abundance of them and I see no harm in putting a blog on a free platform, especially if it’s a blogger blog, since those are from Google. However, I happen to love WordPress, all of my self hosted blogs are WP but I have a question for you that maybe we can get comments from other of your readers on.
    My little internet consulting business is focusing on teaching business owners how to create and manage a blog themselves. These are primarily small businesses so I dont see the harm in using free platform blogs. Isnt it more about how you promote and socialize your blog that’s more important than the blog itself?
    I was happy to see my self hosted blogs with better pagerank across the board, one even as high as a 4.

  23. I started out on Blogger and I know a great number of serious blogger still using Blogger.

    Dick is your internet consulting business hosted on a free site or?

    • yes Rose, it’s actually my first experience with Tumblr and I kind of like it. I am going to do some customizing/dressing up later to reflect it’s parent site (please have a look) but for now I am just using a standard tumbr template. Takes some getting used to after WordPress and Blogger but it has some features that I like and it’s good to get to know other blog platforms don’t you think?

      • Dick, I totally agree with you. The more experience a blogger has under their belt the better.

        I started a thread on the subject in the Blog Engage forum if you would like to sound off please stop over

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  25. This is good news Ileane, congratulations, I think being under umbrella is helping, I have one blog on myself and it has PR of 2 and I don’t blog often to it, but I like it and I use it to get back links and give some Luv to my friends 🙂

  26. Hi Hesham, I think you’re right. That is one good argument for staying with the free lol.

    I’m glad you stopped by. Thanks!

  27. dragonblogger

    I also found Cybersmart’s blog by way of your blog recently and did a post about the site. I know people with blogs who have PR4, you can still get plenty of backlinks from other sites to a free website blog and gain a good pagerank.

    My blogs are PR2, PR3 and PR0 right now, with my wife’s blogs being PR2 and PR2 respectively. SEO is a never ending battle.

    • DragonBlogger,

      I appreciate your input. I really enjoy reading your blog and the random twitter poetry game is so much fun. You’re very creative.
      Nice that you hooked up with Chuck I will check out your post asap.


  28. Seriously PR has all been about regular and unique content.. great work! PR 3 is certainly something to cheer about 🙂

  29. Be careful with that Adsense ad…
    “Commercializing your hosted blog by hosting paid advertising is against the terms of service.”

  30. Hi Ileane,

    Was happily surprised to get a PR4 – especially since like you I need to learn a lot more about SEO. ( and a hundred other areas for me too!)



  31. Hey Will, You should have a look at Chuck’s blog. He is a blog engager too!

    Thanks for visiting.

  32. Hi friend,

    Congrats on your PR update… Hope you achieve all your targets soon. And wish happy new year to you..My blog too got updated to PR 1

  33. Hi Deepika,
    Thanks. I’m sure your blog will be higher next time.

  34. awsome!!

    i love reading about seo a lot!

  35. I ever had blog that get PR 5. So, i think that already have really great SEO built in service on it.

  36. Hey Ileane,

    it’s been a while since I visited your blog last time, I’ve been very busy, but now I’m back on blogging.
    Thanks for those tips! I’ve already started to apply them. I’m also looking for some more SEO techniques that are applicable to users, such as you and myself.

    Best wishes,


    • I’m glad you are back. You have one of my favorite blogs. Now you should think about joining the BloggingWire – Brian’s newest brainchild so you can take advantage of some plugins. Just go to and sign up.


  37. julianusginting

    ouww…my PR still zero (0)..very sad..:(

    • Julianus, don’t worry about it. Just keep writing good content and your PR will increase some day. Happy blogging!

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  40. I noticed you had a tweet button on your page and it’s a page. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get that on my blog.

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  42. Great blog I have been blogging for a few weeks now and i have only had 20 visits. Iam using wordpress too and cannot even get on any search engine searches, like you said i cannot add any plugins, Thankyou for the advice great blog .

  43. really good technique

  44. Thank you for this article !

  45. So, if i create a wordpress blog with a link to my company website, will it count as a worthwhile backlink to my site and potentially improve my SERP??

  46. thanks for the great article ms. ileane, I like wordpress because it is safe. which means I don’t have to worry about trying to fix lines of code and dealing with a lot of errors which in the past drove me crazy.