Say Goodbye to Family, Friends and A Good Night’s Sleep!

Goodbye FamilyAs a blogger, you’ll find yourself short on free time. The hours you used to spend in front of the TV guzzling Diet Coke and eating potato chips – Gone. Those romance novels you used to read at night before bedtime – Outta’ here. Those family picnics on the beach or late nights up chatting for hours with your mate – Au revoir. [tweetmeme source=”ileane”]

You’re a blogger which means you sleep, eat, breathe and dream about blogging. Don’t even try to convince yourself this doesn’t describe you. Because just when you’re ready to sit back and rest on the laurels of that fantastic post you just published and submitted to 101 different social sites – along comes 2 new ones that are so compelling you simply can’t resist. Well, at least I can’t resist and when you hear about them I think you’ll want to join me in pulling a few all-nighters to flex your blogging muscles, and perhaps earn some extra cash.

Vote on Blog EngageThe first new opportunity is the latest offering from Brian at Blog Engage.  This is a new site that’s run on software from WordPress known as Buddy Press. Brian has deemed this site Blogging Wire and I jumped at the chance to become part of it. I’ve started 2 new blogs already! Here’s the list of blogs from Brian’s post Who’s Blogging on The Wire.

We got Quirky Jessi

We got Keith Hughes as Dirty Chickens and Dirty Chickens 2

We got the one the only Ms Ileane Speaks

We have Online Marketing Secrets by Benjamin Hübner

We also have the beautiful Karen from Blazing Minds

Once again Ms Ileane with her new and amazing Pod Cast Blog

We also have Element 321 from Evolutionary Designs

The unique blog of Archon Digital

Next, we come to Hesham. If you’ve ever visited the Blog Engage website you’ll find Hesham there being very supportive. He is Vote on MMOSocialNetworkalways shining the spotlight on creative bloggers by offering them interviews, guest posts and memberships in the Famous Bloggers Club. Now Hesham has introduced a network called the MMOSocialNetwork. This is another opportunity you don’t want to miss. Hesham is offering a contest with loads of prizes to commemorate the launch of his new enterprise. They are well worth the effort, see which one you like best.

So say hello to energy drinks, black coffee and brand new social networks to infiltrate. I’m taking roll call, and you can leave me a comment to let me know if you are coming along for the ride.


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52 responses to “Say Goodbye to Family, Friends and A Good Night’s Sleep!

  1. I didn’t get the rest I need recently, and Bloggers are humans I guess 🙂

    by the way, you can submit your videos to MMO Social Network, just use YouTube URL and past it on the url field then you can get some more views to your videos.. I am so glad today because I enhanced the meta tags for keywords and description as well, it’s working automatically now, so no need for extra work 🙂

    You are a star on our internet world. Have a shiny day!

    • Thanks Hesham, I wanted to get this post finished so I could start making some more submissions. I’m like you, now I have more blogs than I can count. Thanks for adding those video features for us.

    • Bloggers are human, thanks Hesham for reminding us that. Sometimes I think prolific bloggers are superhumans as obviously they work so hard and still manage to handle their online profiles very well. Wish I could do the same but everyone has a different goal and require practice if to do things right.

      I’m not familiar with Blogging Wire, must have missed it during disconnection. The link didn’t work for me either so I may need to check back later. Thanks for the heads up, Ileane.

      Social/Blogging Tracker

      • Ching Ya, Thanks so much for alerting me that the link wasn’t working for Blogging Wire. I alerted Brian and I’m sure he will have it fixed soon. I’ll let you know on Twitter when it’s up, so that you can learn more about it. I think you might want to take a look.

        Thank for visiting me here!

  2. Whoa horsey!

    The B-O-M-B!

    I have yet to say goodbye, I must have balance in my life or something will go lacking – it can’t be my family or friends. And, now that my dog is in training….(sniff the new blog) …. my keyboard time is limited.

    I see you didn’t list my new blog on Blogging Wire and I definitely understand why …. because I refuse to say goodbye.

    Thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles, I do have a little more time to commit to my blogs. I’m glad to be a member of this noteworthy community – very resourceful!

    I love this post! Congrats.

  3. Kissie, my apologies for not listing you but this is Brian’s list not mine. Btw – you didn’t tell me where your blog is yet, but I’ll see if I can find it. I’m glad you joined! This is a very exciting time for us (and Junior).

  4. ahh it’s so sad this is what we have become. I started taking breath every evening. I go to the gym right now 5 days a week 🙂

    I had to do something to clear my mind so I could think positive.

    to be honest I love blogging and wouldn’t change this for anything… well maybe money lol.

    • Brian, I’m gonna get to that gym one day too…Right after I take a look at all of these plugins you just added. LOL! Thanks for everything!

      • You mean there isn’t a plugin that does the whole ‘gym’ thing for you.

        Both sites are brilliant places to spend your time if you are into blogging; I guess my only difficulty is the balance between writing for my site or reading my romance novels. 🙂

        Always a pleasure to visit and read Ileane,


  5. Very nice post, Ileane
    You are right about those times not being available anymore as well. 🙂 Not enough hours in a day it seems.

  6. I have the new Payson Web consulting project going and I should focus on that but what I really want to do is to lock myself in a room with a series of computers and a rolling chair and do nothing but blog 24/7. If I didn’t have to make some spare cash teaching people how to blog for their business that’s exactly what I would be doing. Has anyone coined the word Bladdict yet?

  7. Here comes Blogs For Business on Blogging Wire, I am going to have some fun with this one! Thanks for telling me about it!

    • Payson, I knew that if anyone was going to take the plunge it would be you. Congrats! I’ll be visiting your BloggingWire very soon.

  8. Hi Ileane,

    If I was to vote for a “Post of The Week”, I think this would probably be the one ! Blogging is sort of addictive and luckily I have friends here in Hamburg who are pretty good at pulling me away from the computer & discovering yet another great site which I feel an almost irresistible urge to visit on a regular basis ( often through BlogEngage).

    Typically the phone rings exactly (well not exactly) 7 seconds after turning on the computer and a voice asks “Do you want to play squash?” or says “Get the kettle on, I’m coming round” – or some such thing. And usually the computer gets turned off – which slows down progress, but like Brian with his gym, it helps to keep a positive balance.

    Maybe I should leave the phone off the hook?!?

    P:S. I think Die(t) Coke is my least favourite drink in the whole world !

    • Will, I’m glad that I’m inspiring you to create new categories for your blog! “Post of the Week” sounds good to me.

      If you leave your phone off the hook they will just show up at the door making sure you are ok. right?

      Maybe after Diet Coke I should add (or your drink of choice)….

      Thanks for your kind words.

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  10. Oh! Yeah! 🙂 it’s almost 08:00 am here now, I didn’t sleep yet.. I can not kill the night creature inside of me LOL!

    Thanks a lot Ileane for this awesome update, this will make me sleep GOOOD tonight .. oh LOL I mean… today!

  11. Ileaneb,

    Great post. I will be in for the ride. Even though I spend WAY to much of my time on social networks, I just had to add these to community to my list of tools. Both sites have a lot of potential, I can’t wait to they take off!

    • Al-righty then. Think of it as investing in our blogging future. Our blogging worlds have grown tremendously in the last few months. I’ll be visiting your BloggingWire soon.

  12. You say goodbye to all of those things, but hello to healthy rewards for your blog. These are definitely two great networks to work with, both with some unique incentives!

    • Kristie, let me know when your BloggingWire is ready so I can take a look. I’m voting for you on the MMOSocialNetwork already. Thanks for visiting.

  13. If only I didn’t have this full time job nagging me all day. I would love to pull and all night blogging session with ya but the bills have to get paid for real.

    Much love and success to ya though.

    And @kissnatl GO Cowboys!!

  14. Great write up.. learnt a word – Au revoir 🙂

    And, I guess, making some sacrifices is what blogging is all about! After all, we learn a lot from it 🙂

    • Hi there,

      I had to look it up to make sure I spelled it right. E. Marie would have told me by now if I messed up. LOL
      The sacrifices are all in the name of “blogging” love.

  15. Blogging sure does take up a lot of time. I don’t know how people manage to have more than a couple of them. And it is soooo easy to lose sleep over something you’re passionate about.

    • Being passionate is really the key. That’s why it is a good idea to carefully consider what you are going to blog about. Thanks Angela.

  16. This so true there are so many different networks to submit our articles to but you mentioned mmo this could be the next big thing and that is the reason why we need to be on the train

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  18. It does not describe me. If a blogger doesn’t have time for a social life than they are not managing their time well.

  19. You got that right! It’s been all work and no play around here these days. I gotta change that soon.

  20. Your statement “You’re a blogger which means you sleep, eat, breathe and dream about blogging. Don’t even try to convince yourself this doesn’t describe you” insinuates that all bloggers neglects their personal life for blogging.

    That’s simply NOT true!

    • The post is part parody, part true. Of course I don’t say goodbye to my friends, and never my family – but sometimes they feel that like I do 😉 But I do drink plenty of energy drinks to stay up at night blogging and networking. I try to make up by catching a nap during the day when I’m at work, but shhhh – it’s our little secret.

      • Awww, I didn’t realize it was a parody.

        I find an Xlarge cappuccino keeps me up all night. lol

        Your secret is safe with me. 🙂

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  22. Hi Ileane,

    True to my heart. After you realize yourself as blogger, you’ll rarely find time for anything else.

    But still I wonder, how you manage remain active in everywhere. Though I devote all of my time, I am hardly active to twitter, digg and BlogEngage. All of them are great especially BlogEngage is a boom for new bloggers.

    “say hello to energy drinks, black coffee and brand new social networks to infiltrate. I’m taking roll call, and you can leave me a comment to let me know if you are coming along for the ride.” – Perhaps this is the only way to follow you.

    btw, I’m joining MMO soon.

    • LOL! I’ll be glad to see you joining MMOSocialNetwork. You’ll learn so much there. The great thing about Blog Engage is that you not only gain readers, but you gain friendships that can extend beyond social networks.

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