An Introduction From Karen @ Blazing Minds

This is the first guest post by Karen from Blazing Minds.  She’s a recording artist with the Electronica Duo band Remergence and a premier blogger. I did a guest post on her blog, the WordPress Plugin Video Tutorial and I hope we will do many more of these guest posts in the future.  So without further adieu…

Vote on Blog EngageHey there everyone, the other day Ileane asked if I would graciously, stop by and do some Guest Posting on her blog.

So I accepted and thought I would start by introducing myself to Ileane’s blog readers.

My name is Karen and I’ve blogged on Blazing Minds since July 2008 and started blogging original as a laugh with the aim to create some really crazy posts, but decided to use my blog for more interesting posts and over time I have blogged about almost everything, so I’ll probably doing the same here, I’ll be posting articles that are hopefully interesting and something that Ileane’s readers can comment on and have a discussion about.

Other projects of mine, besides the addiction to blogging, include producing music in the electronica and going to the movies to see as many 3D films as I possibly can 😉 Oh! and review them of course 😆 So as I said early I post about anything really and hopefully via me doing this here, Ileane can get a little well deserved break 😉

So all I’ve got left to say is: Thanks Ileane and I hope you like my future posts and that goes for the readers as well.

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16 responses to “An Introduction From Karen @ Blazing Minds

  1. Darn I wish I had a 3D theater closer than 50 miles to my house, I am still stuck in 2D.

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  4. Welcome Karen!

    I love Ileane produce huge content in diverse locations and I enjoyed following and discovering where she has reached. It started a real fun journey.

    After you have joined this blog, I’m going to get two benefits. On one, some fresh and engaging posts from you – that I love very much. And two, Ileane will be running more here and there – I love exploring her everywhere.

    Looking forward to see your dazzling posts.

    • Hi Suresh, Karen and I are like a “dynamic duo”.
      Thanks for your kind words. I would like to offer you a guest posting spot on one of my blogs too. Would you like to write something on one of my blogs? I think I have the perfect spot for you. Please say yes!

  5. Nice to meet you Karen. Always nice to see a new face…at least from my perspective.

    Ileane… you might be interested in trying a guest post at, my WordPress related site.

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  7. Karen is a great bloggger. Good to see her here. Hope to see some amazing posts from her.

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