Guest Posting Contest – Will I Be A Winner?

Vote on Blog Engage[tweetmeme source=”ileane”]Guest posting is an excellent way to gain exposure for your brand and promote your blog to a new audience. I’ve done a few guest posts recently and I’ve even hosted guest posts from other bloggers, but for the first time ever I’ve entered a guest blogging contest!FamousBloggers Contest

I briefly mentioned the contest in my last post when I gave a Grand Tour of and that helped me build the confidence to actually enter the guest blogging contest myself. Now I’m really nervous about my chances of winning because the competition is so steep! Take a good look at the prize sponsors from Hesham’s list and you’ll start to get an idea about what I’m going after.

Take a look to our sponsors once again

Ok so now you are going to think that I totally lost my mind because I going to tell you that you can take part in the contest too if you hurry (and I mean right this minute) and contact Hesham on his blog. Full details are available at Guest Blogging Contest. March 31, 2010 was the deadline but I think he will make an exception for you if your nice to him.  When the doors are shut I will edit this post accordingly.

Support fellow bloggers!

Even if you decide that you’re not going to participate, you can make a contribution to the blogging community by visiting these guest posts and leaving valuable comments. My guest post To Buzz or Not To Buzz? That My Friends is a Great Question is one of over 20 that were submitted. And I know you are going to think I’ve lost all common sense now when I say this:

Pick any post from the list that you want to support it doesn’t have to be mine!

Really I haven’t gone “completely” mad. I just realize that the whole point of the contest is to be supportive of one another and to build a strong blogging community. So any post that you want to leave a comment on or Retweet, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit – even a share on Google Buzz will be appreciated. This will give you a chance to possibly meet a new blogger and find someone interesting to network with.

The Prizes!

We started by giving a way $248 worth prizes, and we have got more then the doubled the prizes thanks to our sponsors, we have raised $712.75 for our five winners!

Unbelievable right? Can’t say I didn’t tell you ahead of time, but I think I really have your attention now. I promise you, this is NO April Fools Joke!

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9 responses to “Guest Posting Contest – Will I Be A Winner?

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  2. The Prizes are Very attractive.. I need to give this a try

  3. Ileane, I entered as well…even if I don’t win a prize, I’m ok with it cause met/read lots of great stuff(includes yours) This was a grand gesture from our host!

  4. Hey Ileane,

    This time I’m just voting you. I’m not confident enough to fight with those big bosses!

    Might be next time, when I build up my bones bit stronger!

  5. Hey Ileane! I’m back! Got my blog working now! Just wanted to say good luck!! I know you’d be a great pick!