Find Fonts on Your Computer

Blog Engage Vote ButtonFinding the right font to use on a project just got a little easier.  This is a quick post to tell you about Flipping Typical. [tweetmeme source=”Ileane”]
“A way to explore the popular typefaces you have on your computer”.
Once you are on the Flipping Typical site, at the top of the screen type in the words you want to see and Flipping Typical will generate a display that allows you to preview those words in a sampling of the different typefaces available on your computer. It’s fun to play with this site and it just might come in handy if you want to quickly pick typefaces to use on your email signature, a blog post, logo, banner or advertisement. Here is an example of what my name looks like in some of the fonts I have on my computer. Notice that it is important that I use the correct font because my name starts with an I.
If I use Arial it looks like my name starts with a lower case “L”, but in the Georgia font the capital “I” looks great!

Flipping Typical Screenshot

Check out Flipping Typical and find some fonts to play around with, then stop back here and let me know what you found.


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8 responses to “Find Fonts on Your Computer

  1. Hi Ileane! First, thank you so much for stopping by! I loved your comment! Blog Engage is fabulous! And I do type how I talk. I have been called rambling before, but I am who I am and all of that jazz. 🙂

    What a cool site! I am a slight font addict. I’ve only installed ones that are ok for commercial use, but I have a whole other folder filled to the brim with fonts that I can use personally. I’ll check out the site!

    • Hey Heather, I’ll stop by more often now that I know where to find you. I hope you have fun playing with Flipping Typical. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Great find Ileane, one question though. Seeing as how it finds the fonts that are available on your computer I’m not sure that means that you can use all those fonts on your blog as I think they are limited to the fonts which are available with your theme.

    I could be wrong though as I have been known to make mistakes 😉

    • Hi Sire, thanks for stopping by. I think this is dependent on the theme you are using, some are more flexible about fonts than others. I think Headway and Thesis are good examples of flexible themes.

      • As is the theme I use which not only allows me to select the font but the color as well. I can also choose many other factors such as the color of the links, width of the blog post etc.

  3. Its an interesting finding.

    Ileane, is it displaying the samples as per the fonts in my computer or are they the sample of some of the popular fonts only? If they are not from my computer, I need to download the font that I liked preview of?

  4. Sometimes using the wrong font can be a problem I have heard that some fonts play a part in your seo campaign.I think georgia and courier are the most search friendly fonts

    • Roezer, I’d like to hear more about SEO and fonts, let me know if have some posts on the topic. Thanks for visiting.