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Thelonious Has Arrived

The release of WordPress 3.0 is called Thelonious, named after the great jazz musician Thelonious Monk. It’s a game changer in many ways. By far the most impressive aspect of 3.0 is the integration of WP MU or Multi-user, which is no longer a stand-alone download and morphs into – Multi-site. WordPress 3.0 Multi-site will allow multiple sites (or blogs) to run on a single installation of WordPress – including BuddyPress. Watch the video from for a sampling of the new changes.

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Matt Mullenweg’s Take

In a more detailed video presented by, Matt Mullenweg (co-founder of WordPress) discusses the past, present and future of WordPress.

The WordPress 3.0 download counter updates to the current number of downloads of Thelonious. To upgrade your current installation of WordPress to 3.0, simply go to your admin panel and click “upgrade”; it’s that simple!

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19 responses to “Introducing WordPress 3.0 (via

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  2. I updated my blog to latest version and also tried the networking and multi-site feature of WordPress 3.0. I really enjoyed working on it, and I’m sure people will love it’s feature of creating n no of wordpress blog with one click.

    • Hi Harsh, thanks for stopping by. If you’re you going to set up a multisite community, I want in!! Let me know.

      I can’t wait to try it out for myself.

  3. I’m going to wait at least a couple of weeks before I upgrade. I want to be sure there are no major security problems. (I got hacked twice in May and wound up leaving Godaddy for Hostgator.)

  4. Hi Ileane!
    Fine post as always. I want to upgrade to 3.0 but I have a plugin that is not yet compatible with that new version, although the authors of the plugin are working on that. So I’ll have to wait a bit.

    I remember Thelonius Monk (been a jazz music lover for life) and his genius. Although quite young at the time, I could really appreciate his creations.

    Thanks for the post. 🙂

    • Hi Jimi, that must be one of your favorite plugins. 🙂 I hope they upgrade it soon and hopefully you’ll blog about it. Thanks for the visit.

  5. I’ve been wanting upgrade to version 3 but I would like to hear some feedback. Thanks for giving me some information here. 🙂

    • Hi Walter, you can check back later because as I find more posts that provide feedback on upgrading, I’ll link to them here. Let me know how it goes for you. Thanks for the comment.

  6. My Blog also WordPress 3.0. Thanks for this.

  7. I upgraded and THEN found your video??!! 🙂 Thanks for the information, timely as always.

  8. I used to upgrade without a second thought. Now I am overly cautious. Like John Soares, I was hacked twice in May, but I’m still with GoDaddy for another year at least. Although I am really interested in those new features now that I’ve watched the video. I’m waiting until July before doing anything (and backing up and exporting and everything else first, too).

  9. I stopped for many days though I saw it released. At last I dared to update and I’m happy with its menu and pages features!

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