My Favorite Chrome Extensions

This is a guest post from Sharon Hurley Hall. She’s a writing consultant and professional blogger. Find more of her work on Get Paid To Write Online, Blogging Tips and the Location Independent network of sites. Follow Sharon on Twitter.

Sharon Hurley Hall

Sharon Hurley Hall

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I love Google Chrome which became my browser of choice once the Firefox bloat became too much to bear.  Once Chrome got extension support, my happiness was complete, and I’d like to share with you the extensions that make my life much easier.


Top of the list of extensions I use every day is Feedly, which was the extension I missed most when I transitioned from Firefox to Chrome. Feedly puts a magazine like interface on your Google Reader subscriptions and once you sign in with your Google Account, it needs very little customization. I only ever use the native Google Reader interface for adding subscriptions; otherwise I just use Feedly.

Among it’s useful features are:

  • an unread notification in the browser bar
  • the ability to share  items on Buzz with one click
  • the ability to share with comments quickly on Twitter and Facebook
  • in-line post reading

There’s a lot more, too, such as seeing how your tweets have been shared.

IE Tab

Next on my list is IE Tab.  I really don’t like Internet Explorer, but some sites still run better in it, so I use IETab to avoid having to load IE separately. It works pretty well and it’s an extension I use a couple of times a week. It’s also useful for when you need to have two instances of the same site open, though a Chrome incognito window works just as well.


Rapportive is a CRM extension that puts social networking information about my contacts right in my Gmail window. I love the fact that I can easily see if my contacts have Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, as well as their most recent tweets. While Gist for Google Apps offers similar functionality, Rapportive doesn’t slow down my email load times and gives only the most relevant information.

Nested Twitter Replies

Nested Twitter Replies is a Greasemonkey script which improves Twitter by giving you an easy view of Twitter conversations. Of course, there are plenty of Twitter tools that do this too, but it’s useful for the times when you are using the main Twitter interface and need to track what’s being said. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help you with replying to the tweets that originated the conversation. You will still have to click on that separately; but it works well as a viewing tool.

View Thru

View Thru also works with Twitter and other sites and allows you to see the full URL instead of shortened URLs.

Wise Stamp

I love WiseStamp because it provides an easy way to insert HTML signatures in Gmail and Google Apps. It has a number of built in options, making it simple to link to your key social media and social networking accounts. I now have a synced signature for all my email and can change it with a single click.


Last but not least is the StumbleUpon extension which has restored my beloved StumbleUpon toolbar. There’s not much more to say about this, other than that I can stumble and share content simply by clicking a button.

Other Extensions

Those are 7 of the 12 extensions I have installed. I also occasionally use FastestChrome (a FasterFox port, I believe), though the only feature that interests me is the endless scrolling;  Clip to Evernote, for storing pages that interest me; Readability, to make pages easier to read; Chrome SEO, for an easy way to find SEO data for any page; and Readness, which keeps track of the news sources I read. I’m testing Readness, and am not sure yet if I will keep it.

So that’s my grab bag of Chrome extensions; what’s in yours?

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35 responses to “My Favorite Chrome Extensions

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  3. Hey Sharon, thanks for this awesome guest post. I’ve been bragging about Chrome and the plethora of extensions so much that bloggers are telling me – they give in, Firefox keeps crashing!

    I’m using a few of these extension too, but my favorite from your list is Readability. I use it everyday because some blogs have so many ads on them that I can’t even find the content:) It’s also great for making fonts bigger. I just started experimenting with storing files in “the cloud” so Evernote is quickly moving up on my list too.

    Thanks again, you’re welcome here as a quest poster any time.

    • Sharon Hurley Hall

      Anytime, Ileane. I love Chrome and these extensions make it even better. I probably look at Feedly way too many times each day just because it’s got such a cool interface.

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  5. Nice list, a few of them are new to me. As a recruiter various social networking aspects are more and more important. Rapportive is a great new one (to me). Feedly is also great if you have a lot of feeds like I do…

    Great list



    • Sharon Hurley Hall

      When I tried out Rapportive, I wasn’t sure how useful it would be, but a couple of times it’s alerted me to important info about one of my email contacts – like a recent tweet about business.

  6. Wow! Perfect timing for a guest post, Ileane. I finally had some free time to try out Chrome.

    @Sharon: Inertia had kept me from exploring Chrome but, like you, I am fed up with Firefox’s bloat. (Actually, I’m using Flock, which is a bit better…)
    I am glad you wrote this. Once I figure out how to get Roboform working on the toolbar, I’ll make Chrome my default browser.



    Rapportive sounds like the kind of all-in-one solution that makes life simpler. I can’t wait to try it out.

    • Sharon Hurley Hall

      I tried Flock, but at the time, it was too busy for me. I can see where its social networking features would be useful, though.

    • Hey Mitch it good to see you. You should check out my post Web Browsers, What’s Yours a few other readers have talked about Flock. The jury is still out on Firefox though. Personally I skipped right from IE8 to Chrome and without making any stops along the way! Thanks.

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  8. I love feedly it is great way to organize your feeds.. Thanks for sharing the other resources I will check them out.

  9. cool collection : thanks !

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  11. Hi,
    Great collection, I just started to use chrome since one month I used to use firefox it crashes a lot on me in the middle of my work, then did my self a favor and made chrome my default browser , I couldn’t believe my self there are so many handy extensions and every day whenever I miss a function or I wish that I have an extension doing a specific action I Just search,and I find what I look for.

    Feedly is on the top of my list then zemanta. But I didn’t know about IE tab and view thru…I’m going to use both as I need their function

    Thank you so much for an informative post.

    • Hi Sam, I’m a big fan of Zemanta also. I’m hearing a lot of people complaining about Firefox these days. Thanks for your feedback.

  12. I recently started using WiseStamp and I love it, too. Even though you can add html to your gmail sigs now, I still like the way it shows up. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it inserts it into EVERY gmail account you have and I have three because my day job uses gmail – but I can live with that. 🙂

    • Hi Danielle, I heard about adding html to the gmail signatures and I plan on giving it a try soon. Sharon’s gmail sig has a smart professional look and now I know that WiseStamp is to blame 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

    • Sharon Hurley Hall

      I plan to test the Gmail version to see how it compares, Dani, though I’m pretty attached to WiseStamp.

  13. These extesions are realy helpful especially view thru. But i dont use chrome.

  14. I love Rapportive, was introduced by Mari Smith earlier and loving it so far. Great to discover new connections in various social platforms. Wonderful share, Sharon, there’s more I need to check out based on your resourceful list. 🙂

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    • Sharon Hurley Hall

      Glad you find it useful, Ching Ya. Rapportive has proved to be a great tool more times than I can remember. I think the Gist app for Google Apps perhaps gives more information, but I tend to go to their site when I need that depth.

  15. Great @ Thanks for share this !

  16. I tried the IE tab but then I had a hard time disabling it, so I removed it altogether. IT’s best to install all the 5 web browsers so you can have a unique experience for each when testing your web pages. It did install the “Measure it” and the “Page Rank” extensions. I have to keep my Google Chrome uncluttered to optimum productivity. Love this web browser and it’s been my default for 1 year now.

    • Sahel, I installed the IE tab also but I wasn’t happy with it. I needed it to check my work email from webmail but every time I wanted to send an email, I was required to login again. That was a big waste of time, so I ended up keep IE around just to check the work email. Thanks for your feedback.

  17. hi ileane! yes, i love chrome! better than others! thanks for the very informative article! luv ya!

  18. Hey Ileane!

    Been a while, looks like you’re doing great. Thanks for this superb post, been looking for more extensions like these lately 🙂

  19. wow… It’s cool collection,… I like it…

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  21. Yeah! SU Toolbar is something great! On daily basis it’s more convenient then

  22. Chrome is really cool! Google alwayssurprises us with their innovations and Chrome is an amazing browser!