Basic Blog Tips for New Bloggers

After one year I started BASIC BLOG TIPS!My anniversary gift is Basic Blog Tips!

Today is the one year anniversary of Ms. Ileane Speaks! The year went by quickly and it seems like I spent a great deal of it learning how to blog.  The first road block came with the realization that WordPress and are NOT the same thing.  Since I’m using here at Ms. Ileane Speaks, I constantly struggle to find tutorials strictly for! To The Rescue

Lucky for me, I gained access to a 30-day free pass to the online learning library. Right away I completed the module called 2.7 Essential Training and wrote the post 5 WordPress Secrets You Need To Know. But more importantly, a seed was planted and I felt the need to share what I learned.

Blogger vs.

I soon discovered that Google offers free blogging software that rivals so I established Ms. Ileane’s Blog. It started out as a challenge from my friend Kissie to prove the superiority of WP, yet I was surprised to learn that arguments can be made on both sides. First and foremost, I was able to easily access TONS of tutorials, tips, themes and hacks dedicated to using Blog Engage Vote ButtonBlogger.

Basic Blog Tips

Basic Blog Tips Logo

After one year of learning the ropes of using free blogging software I decided to acquire a domain and hosting provider as a gift to myself.

I’m super excited to tell you that Basic Blog Tips is now open for business!

The goal of Basic Blog Tips is to provide one central location to find tips, tutorials and resources for AND Blogger users. I want this site to be the one I was looking for this time last year.  Happy Blogging Anniversary to me!

But Basic Blog Tips is  also my gift – to you.

UPDATE: Currently the most popular post on Basic Blog Tips by far includes a video tutorial and it’s called Install CommentLuv on Blogger

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56 responses to “Basic Blog Tips for New Bloggers

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  2. hi ileane! nice to see u again! waited for this kind of topic! will read this blog on! -mummynana

  3. Congrats Miss Ileane.. And I will finish work on that header real soon so you can use it 🙂

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  5. I wish you happy year, and all the good luck with your new blog!

  6. What an awesome gift to all of us!

    Ileane, you have not strayed from your proclamation “to connect and to teach” from day one until now. That’s what I call living up to your name and game. You even dedicated your domain to it. And, it looks great … the first year of and for blogging has been good to you and better to those of us (especially me) who don’t want to do the work ourselves.

    Not trying to be boastful, but I told you and I knew it would be like this and I anticipate even more. When we do what we have a passion to do, it shows and hey … just look at your posts, sites, tweets…thank you.

    And, Happy Anniversary (again).

    P.S. You just keep trying to help a sista and it’s not unnoticed. 😉

    • Thank you so much. This means a whole lot coming from you because you know just how much I fumbled around trying to make sense of the blogosphere. You have always been in my corner even before we started blogging. Thanks for your love and support. I hold them both dear in my heart.

  7. Congratulations on Basic Blog Tips and happy birthday too!

  8. Interesting. I switched to WP over a year ago because the Google Nazis had zapped my blogspot blog into oblivion, and I wanted to buy my own domain so nobody could mess with me like that ever again. And I found WP to be much more user friendly and easy to work with. But now, and you’re not the only one I’m hearing this from, it seems Blogger has come a long way … maybe I’ll give it a try sometime when I want to start up my old Hippie blog, teehee.

    Hey Ileane, I have new novel coming out in September and am planning a large virtual book tour in October. Would you be interested in hosting a stop? Tweet me if so.

  9. Hey Ms Ileane,

    You touched on Blogger vs WordPress in this post. This may be an obvious answer, but where did you come across the hacks for blogger? Thanks…

  10. Hi Ileane,
    Congratulations on completing 1 year in blog-o-sphere.. I had been also a user. But last month I switched to 🙂

    • Hi Jakes, I saw your blog and it looks really good. Are you sure you’re new to 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

    A little late to the party but my heart’s in the right place. 🙂

    Was a fast year for you huh? Keep up the great work.

  12. I’m writing a new blog, I think this article was very useful for me, thanks

  13. “It started out as a challenge from my friend Kissie to prove the superiority of WP, yet I was surprised to learn that arguments can be made on both sides.”

    I discovered the same thing back in high school debating club. My team was tasked to defend what was then an untenable position, that the separatist and federalist white papers offering two “contrasting” visions for the future of Quebec (where we were at the time) were essentially identical. We were shocked to discover, despite all the public debate between two “contrasting” visions, that we could so easily make the case that the words differed, but the substance was pretty much the same.

  14. Congratulation ms ileane. .
    I have a new blog too. .
    I hope we can sharing. .

  15. Happy Birth Day ileane.

  16. Hi Ileane.

    Congrats for this first year!!Good luck with your new blog, I’m sure you will have a Great second year.

  17. Totally Awesome! God bless you for many years to come!

  18. Woo!!!!!! this is awesome! i can see that you are really trying!!!!!!!! keep the good work up! take care.

  19. When learning with interest, I wonder how fast the time lapses. Its been one year and my ICT Trends too. We learned a lot during this period:
    Platforms, Plugins, Networking, Relationship, Tools, Tips and Tricks as well! With whatever I learned (the greater share goes to you – the always explorer blogger) in last year, made a fresh start with my new blog. Hope this year, more venues will open wide!
    Wish you happy birthday!

  20. There will be many challenges ahead and I hope you will conquer them all. Congratulations on your first year. 🙂

  21. Hi Ileane,

    Sorry I am so late seeing this. Congratulations and happy blogaversary. Are you going to be adding new blog posts? I’m updating my TwitterFeed and thinking I will add you in there too.

    You mentioned WordPress how-to videos. Have you seen the videos that Andrew Rondeau shared in SBC or considered taking his course? His is the only one I have EVER recommended paying for and it is so good that even Kristi over at Kikolani is taking it.

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  23. hi ileane! first off, congratulations on your blogversary! i’m very happy for you! and because you are such a fab person and blogger (as well as a big help to my blogging experience), I have awarded you with the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD! drop by my site to pick up the badge when you have time, okay?!

    here’s the direct link:

    looking forward to reading more posts from you. Godspeed! 🙂

  24. Welcome to blogosphere BTB!

    Already love it, and looking for more to come.

    By the way, it is amazing you can run many blogs Ileane! Lol

  25. Excellent article 🙂 following for more tips and writings.


  26. Congrats ILeane. I hope to be saying this again next year. Meanwhile keep doing the great work you have been doing. Thumbs up

    • Thanks DiTesco. Basic Blog Tips is really taking off and starting to gain some traction on search engines. I thank you for all of your advice and support, it has really meant a lot to me.

  27. Hey Ileane! Congratulations! I’m totally happy for you!

  28. Congrats Ileane!
    I know its coming pretty late, seeing that this post is a few months old
    But I was shocked when I saw you already had a huge following there on your new site, with over 40 comments on nearly every post. And all of that achieved in under 6 months from launching the site! Great going Ileane 🙂

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  30. Very nice your blog, is the first time I read it and I liked the good information you have, congratulations, greetings

  31. I’ve just installed ComLuv on one of my blogs and you helpfully, sent me a link to your tutorial on the subject. Thank you.
    Now all my comments from my other blogs have disappeared! I’m gutted. Is there anyway to get them back?
    No one said that when you install ComLuv on one blog, the comment from all your other blogs disappear. Can you help me, please?
    Thank you.

  32. Hello Ileanne,

    I just wanted to say “Congratulations” — it sounds like your hard work and dedication has brought you to this well-deserved point in your blogging career!

    I have a separate folder where I keep my “go-to” blogs for help and, I’m glad to say, your blog is in it – and I’m looking forward to all I will continue to learn from you!


  33. Hi,
    Congrats for the first anniversary. Also your blog basic blog tips helps a lot.
    Keep posting

  34. Hi Ileane, I hope you are still blogging. Keep on going!

  35. Thanks a lot for such exhaustive explanations and useful information that can easily make clear lots of aspects I am interested in at the very moment in. My best birthday congratulations. I do hope to find more useful tips about blogging. I really appreciate your manner and style of writing.