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I like to create new words.  You see, sometimes words just sound right even though they are not found anywhere on the pages of Merriam-Webter. (Oh btw, most people think that the dictionary was named after someone called Merriam Webster but it’s really named after two brothers, George and Charles Merriam, in conjunction with Noah Webster.)  Every year M-W adds some new words based on popularity and usage, and I’d like to see new words I use added to the list one day. That way one day I can go down in history for something special besides blogging 🙂

Mo'Nique says, "Hey Boo!"

Mo'Nique says, "Hey Boo!"

I remember the first time one of my dearest friends referred to me as “boo”.  That had to be way back in the late 80’s early 90’s.  Today everyone knows what boo means.  It’s a term of endearment, it’s a way of letting someone know that you like them.  For example if I run into you at the mall and I shout out “Hey Boo!”  You know I’m saying, ” glad to see you, you’re looking good and I like you” and a bunch of other good stuff all wrapped up into one neat little 3-letter package – B-O-O!

But not according to M-W.  In their book “boo” means “to express disapproval”.  Now I think it’s crazy that the urban definition of boo isn’t in the dictionary yet.  Instead this year that added eco-friendly words like “green-collar”, “staycation” and “carbon footprint”.  They even added “waterboarding”.  You mean to tell me that waterboarding trumps boo. What is the world of words coming to?

So all you fellow wordsmiths and boo-lovers out there in blog land; keep using that word when you are talking to your sweetie and your children. And what the hell, I think it’s even cool to call Grandma “Boo”.  She’ll probably get a kick out of it. And when M-W finally figures out what time it is and brings OUR “boo” into the fold, you’ll know that you were partly responsible.


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