Dealing with Negative Blog Comments

Alison Smith Moore

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This is a guest post from Alison Moore Smith. Alison is a homeschooling mom of six amazing children, ages 6-22. Married for over 24 years, she and he husband are best friends and business partners. Alison is a public speaker, author, blogger, web designer, singer, actress, ballroom dancer, and chocolate lover. She helps people start blogging and wants you to make your life amazing.

Her goal is to be ready for anything!Vote on Blog Engage

The first time I ever spoke at a convention, my intent was to get through the ordeal without being pelted with overripe fruit. The fact that attendees would later vote on the speakers was a tidbit I chose to pay as little conscious attention to as possible.Vote on MMOSocialNetwork

A number of weeks later I was informed that I had been voted favorite speaker of the convention. But it could easily have been otherwise.

Currently I’m performing as Buttercup in Gilbert & Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore. Having spent most of the last 20 years behind the scenes, I’m greatly relieved to know that the community theater I’m performing in gets fact-related newspaper coverage as opposed to serious arts reviews! I’m not sure I’m ready for a prime time critique.

Blogging is the most public of venues. Forget “worldwide web,” it’s a worldwide stage. And when you decide to blog, the very format of blogging software says that you are not only committing to share you thoughts and ideas with the world, but you’re open to hearing the world share back with you.

If you write interesting and insightful posts, if you make claims — if you have an opinion about anything — someone will have an opposing view. And if you can broaden your circle of readers beyond those reading out of familial obligation (generally a desired goal!) your readers might speak up to challenge you.

Are you ready to handle that with civility?

Image credit sxc.huWhen a reader takes the time to respond with a countering view, resist the urge to lash out, call names, be sarcastic, or have a tantrum. You don’t have to change your position, but consider what is said with an open mind. If valid points are made, acknowledge those. Entrenching in an unsound position hurts your credibility. Explain your thinking on the things you still disagree with. Above all, don’t assume motive or malicious intent. It serves no positive purpose and can leave you looking unreasonable.

If you don’t want to deal with reader response (it can be time consuming and frustrating) consider having a static site where you disseminate information or more traditional media like books or newsletters. You still might get some feedback beyond glowing endorsements, but it will be reduced due to the lack of an immediate, public platform.

If you decide to blog, remember that blogging is an open forum. It’s a place to gather ideas and interact with others. And that interaction can either support your ideas or counter them. Be ready to appropriately deal with whatever feedback comes your way in a professional manner and you’ll establish a reputation for being approachable and intellectually honest.

Let the blogging — and commenting — begin!

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25 responses to “Dealing with Negative Blog Comments

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  2. I hate them but what to do, we have to deal some times with it!

    Some times I am afraid to find challenging comments on my blogs, but I found a great ways to learn from them like searching for solutions for others if someone asked me for help!

    I decided also that I will honest and if I don’t know I will tell with no worries, as I believe that “I don’t know” sometimes is the idea answer.

    • Hesham, you’re absolutely right! The good thing about that is that if I don’t know something I have some wonderful friends like you that I can reach out to for help! But saying “I don’t know” is better than giving out false information. Thanks for adding your insight.

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  4. I love when somebody disagrees me and puts her strong points and insight. In fact that is to enlighten me. Sometime she might change my world, what I believed if proves wrong, I’m saved from carrying that false for long.

    But if anybody comes to shout with filthy words and irresistibly argue for nothing?

  5. I agree with your advice here. We should treat countering view with an open mind. While it’s true that our ego may be hurt, let’s not allow our emotions to meddle with our reason. Negative comments should be seen objectively. 🙂

    • Hi Walter,

      Alison has made some excellent points here and I agree with you about doing an ego check. Thanks for your feedback.

  6. Thank you for the feedback!

    I, too, love the challenge of a contrary viewpoint. It’s one of the best (and easiest) ways to learn. Sometimes the counterpoint will help me see something I missed and will alter my position — slightly or completely! — sometimes it will confirm that my original idea was correct. Either way, the process of thinking through helps me better understand what I believe about a topic.

  7. Absolutely Alison. I think it is a very important part of blogging to be able to respond respectfully to those that have opposing views to our own.

    Also, if people do not leave criticism or a view point that is constructive then responding in the manner you described highlights your professionalism as a direct comparison point for all your readers.



  8. It is important to blog what you feel, but remain diplomatic. People who comment should do the same, even if they do not agree.

    I know there are a lot of people who are sensitive. The problem is that they need to grow more as a personal and accept more views. Not everyone will be happy, but choosing to respect a person’s opinion is the best thing a blogger AND a commenter can do.

    • this blog is really good because people sharing their thoughts or ideas. I agree with Nile, Karl and Icttrends comments above. respect to each opinion is important as well as acceptance especially if we have wrong ideas. Thumbs up guys!

  9. Hi Ladies
    I was thinking with 4,287 comments currently on my blog and I hope I don’t jinx myself by saying this but I only got one 1 negative comment and it was from some Goof that came by after I added his blog to a post of DO FOLLOW blogs to check out, he said Thanks for sending the spammers to my blog,Jerk. That was about the worse one.SSSHHH I don’t know what I would do if people were like the comments on Youtube, I would probably QUIT the point is that I value and look forward to my comments. Your right about being open minded when people disagree but people agree with everything I say LOL 🙂
    Have a great weekend Thanks

  10. I just read an excellent example of this today. A negative, but well stated review was given of a plug-in that carries a steep price. The review was not so well received by the plug-in developer and he resorted to name calling and other negative behavior. The blog owner never stooped to that level and I was impressed by their restraint.

    I haven’t any real experience with this in my blogging life, but will be sure to take a step back, count to ten, and respond politely or not at all.

    • Hi Anne,

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your feedback. I can just imagine you being the calm one in that situation.

      Please visit again soon.

  11. I respect and even enjoy a reader that challenges me on a post or statement. I love debate and do so respectfully. I guess I’ve been very fortunate so far because I can’t think of a single instance on hundreds of posts that a reader went into attack mode or started insulting anyone. I feel very lucky to have found some of the best blogging friends on the net.

    • Hey Brian, thanks for your input. I’m glad that we are following each other around on several social networks, adding to your circle of blogging friends!

  12. It’s always good to think before we act. Disagreements do not have to be personal, always remember we are focusing on the subject matter, not personal attacks. Let’s keep this ‘open forum’ friendly, that’s how it can serve its purpose, right? 🙂

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    • Ching Ya, that is exactly spot on. Disagreement is rarely personal. And if it is, it’s easy to just call it out as the ad hominem it is and move on. 🙂

  13. Hmm that’s interessting but to be honest i have a hard time figuring it… wonder what others have to say..

  14. Sometimes it irritates me. Some bad comments ruin my days but good comments make my week. I usually keep my self calm and stop behaving like an a$$ on the website as it is my profession.

  15. Im glad that i don’t get that much of negative comments… but when i get one… i’ll surely use your tips 😀

  16. I actually enjoy the negative comments as long as they don’t come from comment “baiters” and are real comments. I have been accused of “shopping” photographs, as in Photoshop edits, I guess because some of the photos I use are pretty amazing but it’s not true. If someone takes issue with a post of mine in a negative way I always respond politely and ask for them to elaborate on why they said what they did. Within a few comments back and forth I can usually calm them down and some even come over to my side of an issue.

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