Diigo Extension for Google Chrome Browser

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[tweetmeme source=”ileane”]I have a great blogging tip for you, If you haven’t tried using the Google Chrome Browser, I highly recommend that you do. The free Chrome Browser has a reputation for being the fastest browser available.Vote on Blog Engage

Several developers have created extensions for Chrome and the Diigo Web Highlighter and Bookmark is one of my favorites. In this screencast you will see how Diigo works.

How-to Download the Diigo Chrome Extension

Google Chrome and the Diigo extension are two powerful tools for any blogger, educator or student who wants to organize a collection of all the resources they find on the internet. You can learn about the articles relating to using the WordPress.com blogging service in a collection and group called WordPress.com Diigo Group. It’s a great idea to join or start your own Diigo group for your favorite subjects.

I also recommend using the Zemanta Extention for Google Chrome and you can learn more about it in a guest post I was featuered in at WeBlogBetter.com called Blog More Efficiently With The Zemanta Chrome Plugin. Find out about 9 Life Saving Chrome Plug-ins for Bloggers in this post from Gordon Cindric.

Will you please share your favorite Google Chrome extension?

27 responses to “Diigo Extension for Google Chrome Browser

  1. I will use Google Chrome if it has alexa rank plugin for it..

    • Hi Fazreen, If you take a look at the post from Gordon you will see the Chrome SEO extension that shows Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank. Here’s the link to download Chrome SEO Extension

    • Why do you think Alexa plugin for a browser? Could you please share how can you use the plugin,for what?

      • Suresh,
        I’ve never used the Alexa plugin but I’m pretty sure that Fazreen is referring to the FireFox plugin for the Alexa Tool Bar. I’ve heard that you can increase your Alexa Rank if you have this with FireFox. Sorry I can’t tell you more about it, only what I heard from others.

        I just found a post on the topic this morning when I was visiting BloggerLuv, it was just a nice coincidence http://moomettesmagnificents.com/blog/alexa-toolbar-benefits/

        The Chrome SEO extension will let you see the Google and Alexe ranks for any page that you visit, but it doesn’t make the ranks better.

        • What I never could understand about Alexa button or toolbar or widget is how shall I improve by using them. I guess if many people with Alexa button or badge open up my blog, it will contribute to the ranking in Alexa but how I used it and I am improving?

          Thank you for pointing to the post. Hope it will clarify my huge confusions.

          —-Update —-
          Gone through the post. This too states “If any of your readers have the Alexa toolbar installed, any time they visit you, it will help your rankings.” That means ‘What goes around comes around!”

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  4. “just for me and my friend Kissie” ya heard!!!

    I needed to see this again because I thought I added the extension already….I didn’t. As usual, thanks.

  5. I’m back, I checked again and it was installed; I just never used it.

    I also have the Facebook extension. Double Cool!

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  7. nice tuto man and nice website , i started a forum with some tutorials for a different subjects , have look at it and it will a pleasur to have you as a member or a moderator , you can post you subject also you can post you subject and put your link for your website on it .

    thats my Forum help.uk have a visit and read the subjects and if you like it sign up and email me thank you for your time

  8. i prefer Iron browser which is same as chrome but without any google “spyware”-user tracking added.Btw-Mozilla will always be my first choice even it is slow and eats up my nerves sometimes…..

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  10. Thanks for the lesson, Ileane.
    I’ve seen Diigo but never got around to checking it out. This is a really great tutorial and I can see the value in the Diigo extension for Chrome.

    I try to learn something new everyday and you’ve helped me accomplish that goal with this post. 🙂


    • Hey Jimi,

      I have to keep up with you when it comes to handing out lessons. 😉 How am I doing? I always look forward to your visits here.


  11. I’ve got Google Chrome installed on my laptop, but most of the time still revert to using Firefox. Without the adblock plugin (which I know is bad for website owners, but I am also a website owner myself), it is difficult to move away to any other browser.

    With Google Chrome, it will be interesting how they implement an adblock since it is in Google best interest that Adsense advertisements are not blocked.

  12. Hi Ileane,
    I’m starting to like Chrome more and more these days. No doubt it loads **a lot** quicker than FireFox. However, for web developers (as myself) the diversity of add-ons available for FireFox is simply amazing so I kind of got used to it over the passed two years.
    One more thing, I noticed that some images seem to render a bit pixeled unlike in other browsers (for example, take a look at that main green background in http://freelanceswitch.com/).
    Anyways, once Chrome fix the image issues I will start using it more 🙂
    I didn’t use Diigo until now, and definitely want to give it a try.
    Thanks for the great tip!

    • Hi Omer,

      I think that Chrome will catch up with FireFox in a matter of months. I’m a huge Diigo fan so I’m glad you’ve decided to check it out. I hope you plan on voting for this post at Blog Engage. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  13. Nice find sis…. Chrome is one of my favorites and this will make it more interesting :D… thanks for sharing 😀

    • Hi, I’m enjoying Chrome and I plan to cover more extension here, so please stop back again soon.
      Thank you!

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  15. Thank you very much for the mention Ileane, I’ve been busy with school recently but I’m happy to see you going full steam ahead, with your blogs 🙂

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