Twitter meets Buzzom

Vote on Blog EngageSomeone posted a seemingly endless list of Twitter apps on their blog, yet there is a new one to add the list and its called Buzzom. Take a look at part 1 on my introduction to Buzzom.

In part 2 of Twitter Meets Buzzom I preview a few of the features that I find most useful.

Please share your comments with me. Remember, Ms. Ileane Speaks, but I listen too!


UPDATE: Buzzom was updated in November of 2009 with new features including scheduled tweets. Visit the Buzz In Social Media Blog for details.

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31 responses to “Twitter meets Buzzom

  1. Buzzom looks like a great tool! twitter management is going to be a big growth industry in coming times. Much more potential than Facebook development. A great review by you 🙂

    cheers from Oz,


    • Hi Gary, Thanks for the heads-up. You can view the video now. Please come back and let me know what you think.

  2. Hey there’s some great tips here, Ileane. Nicely done and thanks! There’s much more to twittering than tweets the eye! lol

    The Old Silly

    • Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment. Twitter is one of many ways for you and I to keep in touch. See you in the twit-o-sphere tweetie.

  3. Wow, this looks amazing! Having a play around with it now. Nice videos, great voice very easy to follow. Would work perfectly for ‘beginner’ type videos 😉

    Keep up the great work Ileane!

    • Thanks Sarge. I’m glad you had a chance to stop by. Have a great day and see you in twitterland!

  4. Hi ileanb, I’m enjoying the video. Do you know if the Flush button automatically clears the people you follow (& that don’t follow you), or does it list them one-by-one, and give you a choice of which to unfollow?

    • Hi Niel, thanks for stopping by and the question. Buzzom provides you a list that you can pick from or you can pick to follow or unfollow all. Let’s meet up again on Nurphy later today and continue our screencast conversation!

  5. Thanks for the tip Ileane, that was very, very useful! I’ve bookmarked Buzzom – it’s a handy tool.

  6. Hey Ileane! Great post you got here, I’m a big twitter fanatic and I’m always looking for resources to help me out on Twitter.

    Thanks for introducing this technique! I’ll be sure to pass this down the line to other fellow tweeters.

  7. Hey Rob, that was quick. I just chatted with you on email. Thanks for taking a look at what Ms. Ileane Speaks about!

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  9. Another great tool and great video tutorial. Was very easy to follow. I will be implementing useing this tool right away. Thanks for the word up on this tool. You are doing a great job Ileane and a big, big thanks to you for this information. I will be passing this on via twetter.


  10. David,
    Thanks for your support!

  11. I’m gonna try it out! Thanks

  12. Nice one 🙂 Tweeted 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Hey You,
    Nice to hear you on audio for the first time 🙂
    Nice Clear speaking voice…
    BTW, Buzzom, sounds like a rich tool…I like some of the features it provides.

    Thanks for sharing

  14. Johnluffa,

    Good you found my first screencast, glad you like it.

    Buzzom is pretty cool and it is not one of those tools that “everybody” has blogged about, so this is one of my most popular posts.

    Thanks for the smiley!

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  17. Very helpful info thanks a lot.

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  19. Thanks Ileane. I am trying to learn more about using Twitter and will have to check out this tool. Social Networking is so important but I have not used Twitter and am going to do so. Thank you.

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  21. As always, thanks a bunch for keeping us in tune with all the neat tools to connect with folks!

    Grace and peace be with you, Rob

    • Hey Rob, I hope you can use Buzzom to your advantage. There are many jazz lovers out there that would love to follow your valuable Tweets on Twitter. Keep spreading the truth about the importance of jazz.

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  24. Twitter For Marketing

    Great read, very use info here. I will definatly bookmark this site for future reference. keep up the good work!

  25. Buzzom Premium is on live..Buzzom has limited offer for life time package only in $99.hurrah..

  26. Looks like another winner, Ileane!
    I’m actually creating a new Twitter account, so Buzzom should come in handy.

    Thanks for showing me the features!