JustKissieThis is the second guest post from a prolific blogger and my dearest personal friend Kissie. Her blog is JustKissie and you can also follow Kissie on Twitter.
[tweetmeme source=”Ileane”]How often we complain on Sunday nights or Monday mornings aboutBlog Engage Vote Button returning to work after a couple days off. We should be happy to be earning a living and most of us are in jobs that we wanted – at some point. So, I’ve come up with a way for you to get more joy out of going to work, CREATE FUN CHARACTERS out of the characters you work and interact with and enjoy the daily show. Here are some of the people who help to make my days exciting and give me something to blog about, see if you find any similarities in your place of business.

Recent American Citizen– The person who goes on and on about a LONG story, that they’ve already told you more than once with the heaviest accent while you’re trying to determine how much more is left in the story before they shut up!

Super Sensitive –The person who will tell you any flaw they see in you but will cry at the tiniest insignificant thing you say to them. For instance, I was walking down the hall minding my business trying to avoid running into the Recent Citizen, when Super Sensitive asks me if I’m still wearing the Body Magic. It’s obvious I wasn’t wearing it if I looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy around the middle.

The Yes Man – No specific gender here but you don’t want this person around when you’re in an argument or debate. They will agree with both parties and you’ll never get a partial view from them because they don’t have the heart to give their true opinion.

Lonely Lady – Not that this person has a lot of cats and no family at home; because as you know we can be with and around other people and yet experience loneliness. This person is longing for ANYONE to listen to them. So without you inquiring about their weekend, they will voluntarily tell you all you don’t care to hear. Well, that’s not altogether true, it’s likely you just don’t want to hear all of the minor details but that’s what the lonely one does. They will tell you more than you want to know and keep you longer than you want to stay.

Gift Giver – Yeah you think this is nice, don’t ya? It’s not so nice if you have to hear about how much or what they’ve done for you, the department, or others. Whatever you do, do not forget any special occasion in this person’s life or they will become super sensitive.

Experienced – Have you ever met the person that’s been working for the company since the beginning and hate all new people with new ideas and ways? Oh my, how do we relay that just because you’ve been doing it for more than 20 years doesn’t mean you’ve been doing it right? Just leave ‘em alone, become a Yes Man to them and remember management keeps them around for sentimental reasons only.

Idiot in Charge – This is when you combine experience with super sensitive. Please don’t misunderstand, this could be one of the brightest people in the organization but not too much the kindest. A lot of times, this person is one dimensional and cannot understand why you just don’t get it!

Wanderer – Oh you know you know this one; this is the person that always causes you to wonder what it is that they really do. You see them everywhere and anywhere at all times. You suspect they may have been involved in some sort of cloning experience. They usually have none of the issues that the others suffer from and they are quite sweet but do they know they are EARNING an income and not winning one?

Activist Andy – Some may accuse me of this but I never attempt to impose my beliefs and preferences on anyone. If you care to hear about my relationship as a believer in Jesus Christ, I will share whatever you request to know. If you ask me why and for details regarding my vegan/raw foods diet, I’d be more than happy to share. However, you will NOT find me condemning you or reprimanding you for your choices….especially in the workplace! Good grief, people, there is a time and a place to make your point and I don’t come to work to hear it.

Too Busy – Finally, I won’t name names but this is the person who has all of the time in the world for social media networking but get so very annoyed when you disturb them for REAL WORK. It’s difficult to write a guest post while others think their questions can’t wait!

Gotta go now, bye!

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17 responses to “ALL IN A DAY’S WORK

  1. This so true i remember my mom saying to me that i always wanted to grow to go to work now that i am working i am looking forward for the week end i gues thats human nature

    • Yes, now it’s your time – make sure you enjoy everyday of it and please don’t miss out on a fun personality. I hope you didn’t feel like I was talking about you. 😉

  2. 😆 OMG Kissie,I’ve met them all…except for the recent American ,we have the workers from the far east and Indians who tries to communicate with the locals…

    One character I may add is the friendly boss who always tell you how open he is for suggestions and that she/he will be supportive and whenever you need her/him to be their for you they will tell you no we can’t just desmiss the regulations and the routine just because you so inefficient 😀
    and if you suggest anything he will think that you accusing him/her of being not able to run his pack perfectly….
    😀 (I think I’m trying too hard ha!)

    Great post….Thanks

  3. That’s funny, Sam. Actually, my boss IS one of the characters, I’m not saying she is lonely but she loves to tell all about her weekends. ALL!!! No stones unturned, all. Everything. Nothing missing. Nothing left. All.

  4. LOL great list of personalities at the office. I used to work a crazy office..I always say the show “The Office” has nothing what our cast of characters included. However it was so much fun to work there, I couldn’t get there fast enough on Monday AMs. If only all work places were like that and you couldn’t wait to get there. 🙂

    • Thanks, Melinda.

      I think The Office is the best show ever to be seen on TV, personally. If I thought I could get anything done, I “think” I would enjoying working in an environment like that … I would be Jim. (lol) But, if you say that the place you worked was more colorful, my hat is off to you!

      Thanks for sharing.

  5. Fun post, also clever, what I’ve come to expect from Ms. Kissie, lol. I’ve never worked in corporate America, but have known enough peeps who have to have heard the stories … all these “types” seem hysterically accurate. Glad I don’t have to deal with them! Hey thanks, Ileane, and Kissie for the entertaining visit. 🙂

    • Hi Marvin, I knew this would put a smile on your face 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.

      • Thank you for checking it out and these people can be found any and everywhere. They’re like Waldo, in church, on the farm, in your local schoolhouses – any community groups … you may even find them in your favorite blogging clubs. slg (This is your reply, Old Silly)

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    • Thank you for checking it out and these people can be found any and everywhere. They’re like Waldo, in church, on the farm, in your local schoolhouses – any community groups … you may even find them in your favorite blogging clubs. slg

  7. Thanks Kissie, love the characters.

    I see some of my traits above 🙂

    I have a few more for you.

    “Not my Job”

    then there is “Ms Perfume” or “Mr Cologne”

    but I would take them any day over “Guess What I had for Dinner Last Night”

    but nothing worse than “I agree 100%” who morphs into “Guess what Peter did”

  8. Oh, Peter, those are some good ones!

    But wait, I could be Ms. Perfume … not cheap perfume though so that should get me a pass. 😉 I try to keep it subtle but woe to the one who comes in my bedroom before I leave for work!

    Here’s another, “They don’t pay me that much.” – Yeah, I know …they pay you TOO MUCH!

    Thanks for giving me more to laugh at, excluding myself of course.

  9. LOL! Those were good adds by Peter. I had an office next to Mr. Cologne. I could smell him coming down the hall. The happiest day of my working life was the day he was fired. 😛

  10. I should add…I’m sure you are more reserved with your perfume Kissie. He literally smelled like he dumped a whole bottle on him. I thought I worked at Brut for Men.