Web Browsers – What’s Yours?

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What’s your favorite web browser?

[tweetmeme source=”Ileane”]How often you search the web, and what you’re using the internet for – are most likely the key factors impacting your choice of browser. If you’re a novice, it’s quite possible that you may not even know that different browsers exist. You know enough to easily find the blue icon with the letter “E” and a yellow swoosh around it and you’re quite happy with that. You might even be aware that Internet Explorer is the most popular browser found on home and office PC’s around the world.
Bloggers, designers, developers, webmasters and other more advanced web users eventually explore more savvy browsers including the most popular ones from Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera. Similarly, cellular phone or mobile users will find “mini”, mobile or android versions of the same popular PC and Mac browser alternatives.

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The simple answer to the question of which browser to use is – Try them all and pick the one you like. Hey the good thing about browsers is that you can use more than one. Right now I’m using Google Chrome but I also open Internet Explorer to access my work email account from Microsoft’s Webmail service. If you’re a blogger I recommend that you at least give Google Chrome a try.

This is why I like using Google Chrome:

  1. Exensions
  2. Speed
  3. Usability
  4. Stability
  5. Security

I’m sure you noticed that I’ve listed “extensions” as my number one reason for using Google Chrome, that’s because without these extensions Chrome would be just another boring browser without much functionality. These are the extensions that contribute greatly to me having positive experiences on the web and in the long run make me a more efficient blogger.

My favorite Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extensions

While, I’m sure there are some FireFox extensions that perform a similar task, I’m happy with these Chrome extensions and the job they are doing. I’ve blogged about some of these in the past and even created screencasts for a few, but I’m always on the look out for new extensions to add to my arsenal.

What browser are you using and what are some of your favorite extensions?

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61 responses to “Web Browsers – What’s Yours?

  1. Hi Ileane,

    I actually use IE (7&8), Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. The reason is that web-formatted pages can look different in each & I use each browser to test.

    For regular use, I use Firefox about 90% of the time just because that I what I have gotten used to & because of the Firebug extension.

    Have a great day!

    • Hi Mark, I’ve got to see if Chrome has anything similar to Firebug. It’s good to know that you’re keeping IE around for testing. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. My favorite browser is YOU 🙂
    just stopping by to snatch your address to make a link on bloggerluv blog. Wanted to thank you for having my back this week 🙂 Oh and the fav browser is the one I have a developer working on for blogger luv members 🙂 It’s exclusive and will kick ass 🙂
    Hope your weekend is awesome

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  4. Chrome, definitely. Fave extensions include Clicky stats, MeasureIt, LastPass, Xmarks, Create Link, Screenshot, and SEO Site Tools

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  6. I’m a Chrome lover, but only continue to use Firefox because Firebug isn’t fully supported on Chrome yet. (Who really wants Firebug lite, right?)

    Across all levels like speed, security, minimalistic design, intuitive, Chrome wins.

    But the great thing with web browsers like Chrome is that it drives the competition to do better, which in the end will allow everyone a better selection of browsers to use, rather than just one.

    • Hey loneplacebo, So far it sounds like Firebug is the only extension that keeps people using Firefox if they’ve tried Chrome already. You’re right, I think the other browsers are trying to keep up with Chrome in those other areas.
      Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Hey Ms Ileane,

    Great question! I surf the web using FireFox, Chrome and Opera. I use FireFox the majority of the time. Opera I notice is very fast.

    Like Mark, I use them to test how sites look in the browsers as well as to see different format.

  8. As a web developer I mostly use FireFox and lately getting used to Chrome more and more. I found out some great extensions for developers in Chrome and it sure is much faster then the fox.
    I use IE only if I have to 😉 (to make a site compatible for IE or in case I’m visiting a site that is based viewed in IE).

  9. I highly recommend using Google Chrome. I have always used Firefox because of all the nice features in making productivity better. But Chrome delivers that now even better and will faster browsing.

  10. Now downloading chrome and installing the plugins you’ve mentioned. Your continual insisting posts forced me to consider it seriously and I know you are great to share the true experiences.

    • Well at least this time there are a whole list of other bloggers that agree with me! Let me know what you think of it. By the way – nice to see you interacting on Buzz. Cheers!

  11. I used to be a big fan of FireFox for ages up until recently when they did their latest update and my FireFox became a complete pain in the lower rear area 😆 So know I’m using Chrome, it’s fast and seems to be more reliable, ok most of the plugins that I used aren’t there, but to be honest I haven’t missed them at all!

  12. I use Firefox for my main browser, but for design, I check in ALL browsers.

    Chrome freezes up and chokes too often, so I get a little hesitant on opening it up… same feeling with IE. lol!

    • Hey Nile. Interesting. Can you share with us what are some of the extensions you find helpful for using with Firefox? Thanks for your input.

  13. Ileane,

    I like Firefox, use that a lot. Love the developer adins.
    CHrome is fast, but still needs work. It’s still has issues with displaying some sites properly.
    IE, well well, what shall we say. I feel that IE8 is the best that MS has released.
    AS a developer, whether I like it or not, I have to take IE seriously. AS IE has the lions share of the browser market, all my sites and web apps have to pass the IE test first.

    Look it is probaly only you geeks and internet savy that will choose a different browser. Everyone else uses IE.

  14. I am still using Firefox and it is surely greater than IE. However I still do not try chrome ye, so do not know which one is better.

    • Hi Dana, seems like all the first commentators are using Chrome, now the Firefox users are visiting too. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I am using firefox.Firefox has so many extensions and i like most of them.

  16. Hey Ileane.
    Favorite Browser is Chrome, edging out Firefox due to occasional instability issues.

    I also use Opera, Safari, and the under-rated Flock, keeping them all updated to their latest versions. I like to experiment with the many browsers, often load testing them with numerous tabs open. The record on tabs is held by Opera 10.5 with 72. It would just not crash.

    For speed Chrome and Opera are closely matched in my experience.

    The one browser that I seldom use and have little love for is IE. There is also a browser called Maxthon, which is really a skin running on the IE engine. They share the same quirky behavior. 🙂

    IE makes a good test tool, if your site runs on that dog, you’ve got it made. LOL

    • Hi Jimi, Please do a screenshot the next time you open 72 tabs – that must look like a hot mess:) I don’t think anyone has mentioned that IE is their favorite yet! Thanks.

  17. I’m using both Google Chrome and Firefox. Firefox is best for blogging!!!

  18. Chrome is my favorite browser to date, it looks great and performs great. It still needs more extensions but it is quickly catching up to firefox which is why I have already switched.

    Firefox comes in second and was my browser of choice before chrome, IE is a good browser but with the failure of the previous versions I can’t see myself using IE again.

  19. What browser are you using and what are some of your favorite extensions?

    When I first started out on the net I was a Big IE fan then I learned about Firefox but now Firefox is too bloated so I switched over to Chrome and haven’t looked back since!

    I really like the following Chrome extensions

    Create link (Creates Hyper Links)
    Google Voice
    Gmail Checker
    View Thru (shows Shorten links actual link)

    • Hi there, That’s a sweet little list of extensions you got going on over there Slik. The Gmail Checker PLUS gives you the number of unopened Gmail you have waiting. Is that the one you mean? Thanks!

  20. I mainly use Chrome. I have been using Firefox and IE before but after discovering Chrome, I pretty much was blown away by it and I can’t seem to shake this habit. It’s so user-friendly and they have a lot of useful extensions that improve my productivity.

  21. I still prefer Firefox because of Firebug when working with code. I need to play more with Chrome to convert for surfing. 🙂

    • Hi Melinda, many here agree that Firebug is a deal breaker. I’ll be on the lookout for it in Chrome and keep you posted. You’ll love it for surfing if you they the right extensions for your needs. Thanks.

  22. I use Flock because it gives me instant access to all the blog rss feeds that I follow. I also love the media bar, the web clipboard, photo uploader and built in blog editor that hooks into Zemmanta.

    I can use almost all the addons that are available for Firefox and especially like:
    SEO Blogger, NoDoFollow, Bookmark Current Tab Set, Talon and Site Information.

    • Hey Joella, I think Jimi Jones was the first one to mention Flock in the comments here. Do you know if they have the Firebug extension? That one seems to be the deal breaker for Firefox users. If you have a post about Flock please share the link with us. I’d love to here more about it. Thanks!

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  24. I used to use Chrome alot, on my windows pc, but on my Mac (which I’m using 100% of the time now), I use Safari almost exclusively, with some Opera for the things Safari doesn’t do.

  25. Ileane, thanks to your enthusiasm and Sharon’s recent guest post, I’m a Chrome convert.

    I’ve used several browsers, switching the default only when annoyed beyond endurance 🙂

    In the old days, Opera was the trend-setter. I loved it. I don’t remember why I stopped using it – probably because Firefox was better or less annoying. I stayed with Firefox until I could no longer endure the continuous high CPU usage AND the extended startup time, which was a factor because I constantly shut Firefox down due to the CPUS! 🙂

    My next browser was, until two days ago, Flock. Although I never participated in any of the 30DC (Thirty Day Challenge) projects, I was subscribed to a lot of newsletters whose authors praised Flock and mentioned that the folks at 30DC were requiring it for their next challenge.
    As a result of this endorsement, I tried it.

    I love(d) Flock! The integration with Facebook let me share links to the current webpage – probably not earth-shattering, but it was convenient. In fact, I’ll be looking for that from Chrome. There are numerous other nice things I could say about Flock but, frankly, love is fleeting and I can’t gather enough energy to remember my old flame.

    I have committed to devoting at least 4 hours a week to learning about Chrome. My first task was to get Roboform working (that was a deal-breaker prior to the creation of the extension). Right now, I’m puttering around with Feedly, which presents an odd situation for me. On the one hand, I truly love any technology that helps me aggregate “stuff”. Google certainly fills the bill with its applications! On the other hand, Feedly basically tempts me to waste time. I’ve had an account for years, however, I stopped using it because it was information overload.

    Oh well, I’m open to suggestions on enhancing my Feedly experience. As for Chrome, the speed is amazing. The uncluttered interface is wonderful. Even though I understand your comment about extensions changing a ho-hum browser into something fantastic, I am going to go slow with this browser. In the spirit of über-aggregation, I’m going to max out Feedly before grabbing more tools that probably could be handled in Feedly. RoboForm is the ultimate Password aggregator. (I even wrote a hubpage about it: Road Rules for the Real World).

    If there are other Chrome extensions that help me get things done, I’ll add them.

    Meanwhile, I’m already discovering cool tricks, like how to rearrange the startup tabs the way I like them, by dragging the tabs left or right and then going into Chrome Options and clicking “Use Current”.

    I look forward to catching up on your Chrome posts, using Feedly, of course 🙂



  26. I’ve got all the major browsers installed on my computer but prefer to use Opera 10 ’cause of it’s turbo feature which is so bandwidth friendly. The only downside is that I miss the availability of updated extensions/addons/widgets that actually work 😦

    • Hi Udegbunam, that’s interesting. Come to think of it I don’t hear too much about extensions for Opera, now I know why. Thanks for the valuable insights.

  27. I started using Google Chrome about a year ago and never looked back since. It’s less cluttered, you can pin tabs to open those web site automatically when you web browser start. The feature it like the most of the spell checking. When typing text in a box, it automatically underline in red misspelled word. The web developer tools are also awesome

    • Hi Shahel, I like that about chrome too. They is also a great extension called After the Deadline that you should try. 🙂

  28. baileybart

    This is really informative one I am looking for this type of post

  29. FF is my favorite browser… In fact it was, until their frequent updates.It was crashed several times a year and all the info I had there was lost. I still like this browser but I’m not sure that I’ll continue to use it

  30. Damien Golding

    Let me summarize my Web browsing history.
    Internet Explorer: Because I had to until something better came up.
    Firefox: Was great at the time, still is, easy to customize, just for a short period it kept crashing and was a big problem for my work.
    Chrome: So I moved to Chrome, which is quite light and easy to use. It is also easy to customize, but there was a few problems with finishing my work quickly.
    Sleipnir: I am now using Sleipnir because you can use gestures to switch between tabs which I find really useful for searching for information with many tabs opened which is a bad habit of mine lol.