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Vote on Blog Engage[tweetmeme source=”ileane”]What is Google page rank and what does it really represent? Sorry, I can’t answer that question although I see many bloggers trying. If you’re like me you’ve read countless blog posts promising to unlock the mysteries of increasing your page rank. Yet each time Google does an update like they did earlier this month, many of those same bloggers wake up to find that have slid down the slippery page rank ladder a notch or two. Go figure!

Well since I admit that the true value of Google page rank has me utterly baffled, the least I can do is introduce you to a little known extension for Google Chrome to help you find your page rank, or for the matter the PR of any site you navigate to.

Favorite Google Chrome extensions

First I must tell you this neat little social media story. For a couple of days I was tweeting a question to my followers asking which Chrome extensions they find useful. I got some great feedback and as a result ended up installing many of the recommendations and creating screencasts for some like DiigoZemanta and Readability. The other great thing that happened was that I was contacted by the developer of the extension that is the subject of my latest screencast tutorial. The developer’s name is Cole Carter and the extension is SEO Site Tools.

The point to this story is to demonstrate the simple power of social networking and how it can be worked to your advantage. I also wanted to let introduce you to Cole because he is looking for user feedback for this tool and he can be contacted if you have questions about the functions.

Why use SEO Site Tools

My favorite feature of SEO Site Tools is how it auto-magically displays the PR for any site you navigate to right on top of the tool icon. This means you can get rid of all those “prchecker” links you have in your favorites, because once you download this extension you will no longer need them. You can be done with going back and forth to find Alexa rankings too! All of the additional ranking information you need is displayed when you click on the tool. Take look at SEO Site Tool Demo – Ms. Ileane Speaks Episode #025.

You can see this tool has many features to help evaluate your site. In the video we had a look at some stats from 2createawebsiteand here’s the link for Lisa Irby’s blog.

SEO resources

Hungry for more SEO tips? The first blog that I would visit to learn about SEO is TimeThief’s One Cool Site Blogging Tips. Her site is packed with sound advice and numerous blogging tips and tutorials. Also check out Kikolani from Kristie Hines and her weekly Fetching Friday resources mashup, which always includes links to SEO resources. And last but certainly not least, follow Ann Smarty on Twitter, she writes for Search Engine Journal and started a fabulous community focused on guest blogging called MyBlogGuest.

Now I’d like to hear from you. Will you give SEO Site Tools a try?  And how you make out with the latest PR update?

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54 responses to “SEO Site Tools Finds Google Page Rank

  1. Excellent plugin, thanks for the share.

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  3. You are making chrome more useful by sharing such extensions.

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  6. Awesome information here Ileane! I have just started playing around with Google Chrome and I am really liking it. 🙂

  7. I’m about to give the SEO Site Tools a try out on Chrome.

    BTW, I’ve seen you around, Ileane, but I’m coming in here from Scoble’s article on curation.

    This is important for me to know, because I’m about to start writing more technically on very closely related technology. Which will lose me some readers I’m sure, but hopefully pick up some others.

    • Hi David, I’ve seen you around too! But I think it was on a few different blogs. It’s nice to know that you came here via Scoble’s place though. I might start hanging out there more often. 😉

      Let me know what you think of SEO Site Tools and I look forward to reading your new content. Thanks for the visit.

  8. ileane – just found you on twitter. Excellent and informative post. I do not use chrome yet – but I am sure there are similar extensions for Firefox that I will look into.

    • Hi Neena, I’m glad you found me here. Thanks for the kind words and I’ll follow you back soon too. Please let me know what you find on Firefox.

  9. Nice Ileane, I’ve installed the plug in I like to see PageRank of certain sites

    • Hi Rob, good for you. I’m sure you’ll like it, let me know what other extensions you like for Chrome when you get a chance. Thanks for commenting.

  10. I’m going to install it right now Ileane. Since I was more accustomed with Firefox and still don’t wish to abandon it completely, I was reluctant to look for and install extensions for Chrome. You did a great job. All the required tools, you made a research and suggested. You made the life easy go!

  11. Hey, thanks for stopping by and giving input on my post at I’ll be sure to check this extension out because one of the FF add-ons I’ve come to depend on does something similar. For some reason I still gotta know that pagerank!

    • Hi Tim, I really like Are you using both Firefox and Chrome? I went right from IE8 to Chrome, so I’m not well versed in FF extensions. Chrome is on top of my radar right now. Thanks for visiting and your comment!

      • At the moment I use FF and Chrome for different purposes. However, I’m kinda waiting to see what they each do before I make any real switch.

        IE hasn’t even been opened on my computer in I don’t know how long. One day I got fed up and switched and never looked back:)

        For a while I was doing a series on my own blog called <a href="">Firefox Friday. Many of those posts had to do with extensions, etc.

  12. Awesome! thanks for sharing

  13. Thanks for the great information. I don’t use Chrome much, but I will after learning about the page rank extension. Going to try that out.

    • Hi Melinda, I think you’ll like Chrome and I’m finding more great extensions almost every day. Thanks for your comment.

  14. I rarely do install SEO extensions and plugins in my browser, only if I find good then I install. This time around, since you are recommending this I am sure it must be having some magic in it. I will surely check it out

    • Hi Shiva, it’s nice to hear that you to feel that way. 🙂 Come back and let me know what you think of it. Thank you.

  15. Hey Ileane,
    definitely a cool post. You are using Google Chrome yourself aren’t you?! I am actually not. It’s the same as with Google Buzz I just don’t like the idea of Google taking over every business.

    • Hi Knubbl, thanks for sharing your feedback. I’ve been using Chrome for a few months and I think it’s a huge improvement over IE. I haven’t used Firefox before but it seems the Chrome extension library is getting all the attention from developers these days.

  16. I have many excellent links saved that explain PageRank fairly well. The TechJaws post with the Google PageRank Graph is particularly interesting.

    • Hi Gail, thanks for visiting. I saw the graph at TechJaws and left a comment there a few weeks ago. What I found interesting is that the chart goes as high as 11 but there are no 11’s yet? I’m not sure why they decided to include 11 on the chart if even Google hasn’t reached it yet.

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  19. Oh! Great info thanks to share that. This is my very first visit in your blog. Hope to come back again. Thanks

  20. nice info, but your info must update

  21. you should add a link to how SEO Site Tools protects your privacy

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  23. Thanks Ileane I’m going to check this one out and will let you and Cole know what I think. thanks for letting us know about it!

    • Hi Dick, It’s getting super famous these days. Everyone likes it. Come back and let me know what you think. Thanks.

  24. very nice blog!! a lot of usefull infos thanks keep up the good work!!

  25. hallo,
    i wanna ask about PR…
    last month my blog is PR 2, now, down to 1..
    can u tell what is the problem.?

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  27. I will have to take a closer look at Chrome. Great Post!

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  29. Great Tips. Thanks !

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  31. Thanks for sharing this free tips. Excellent!, I will give it a try now. Thanks so much

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  33. I think most SEO techniques are a waste of time. Nothing beats good content and genuine backlinks

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