Top 5 Social Media Extensions for Chrome

Vote on Blog Engage[tweetmeme source =”Ileane”]Google Chrome is quickly becoming the browser of choice and will most likely dethrone Firefox in terms of user sentiment, speed and security but let’s not forget about the growth of the Chrome extensions library. Although Firefox continues to be favored by webmasters, Chrome is gaining acceptance in the mainstream as users escape the grasp of Internet Explorer and embrace the security of  Google’s sandbox powered browser Chrome.

Paired with the success of Google Buzz, developers are paying close attention and quickly issuing extensions for Chrome that rival Firefox and incorporate quick access to Buzz, Gmail, Google Docs and of even the good old-fashioned social networking tool Twitter.


Tweetmeme extension for Chrome is a handy tool for sharing to your Twitter stream. It’s most often used for websites that don’t display the Tweetmeme button or if you simply can’t find the Tweetmeme button on the page. One thing I’d like to suggest to Tweetmeme is that they make it easier to cut or copy the text of the tweet. Most of the time I’d like to paste the tweet into HootSuite and schedule it for another time. By the way, if you have the Tweetmeme plugin running on your blog, check out my Hub Page on how to customize the Tweetmeme plugin settings.

My Shortcuts

I found out about this extension on Madras Geek’s blog and it is quickly gaining in popularity. What I like about My Shortcuts is that you can add custom URLs to gain quick access to your blogs or additional social profiles. The defaults take you to Gmail, Buzz, Contacts, Tasks, Docs, Reader, Voice and include additional options for creating new email and new documents.


Symtica provide more comprehensive access to your Google accounts like Gmail and includes Google Analytics, YouTube, Blogger, Picassa and a host of others including your favorite and mine Webmaster tools (just kidding).

I’d like to see Symtica and/or MyShortcuts provide access to my AdWords and AdSense accounts to make the my life just a little simplier.

Google Buzz Button for Shareaholic

This extension is devoted solely to Google Buzz and the Buzz Button for Shareaholic will display the Buzz count of the page you’re visiting.

Google Mail Checker Plus

I first mentioned this extension in Web Browsers – What’s Yours? and it’s become one of  my favorite extension for monitoring Gmail and Buzz. Google Mail Checker Plus displays the count of unopened mail and allows you check and view your inbox without ever opening Gmail. Here’s a quick screencast to demonstrate.

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Now it’s your turn, I’d love to learn what extensions you’re using for easy access to social media? Do you use any blogging extensions for Chrome?

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29 responses to “Top 5 Social Media Extensions for Chrome

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  2. Great List ileane. Very useful for chrome users. I am using Firefox and i think it’s better than chrome.

    Thanks for sharing this great post.


    • Hey Dev, I know that some people will never give up on Firefox, and I don’t blame you. Do you use Gmail or Google Buzz? Let me know so I can follow you. Thanks for the comment.

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  4. I’m loving Chromed Bird – Version: 1.8.5. It’s a twitter client for Chrome

  5. Great list Ileane I use the Buzz button from Buzzon it’s the best way to Tweet links because it puts your Ad code on it.Sharing is good but when it’s the Really big sites I have to use this

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  8. I still think that Firefox is the best browser for webmasters and bloggers but it seems like Chrome has many improvements since it support extensions. However, it will take much time for me to change to Chrome.

    • Hi Tek3D, It seems you are right about Firefox, but why don’t you think about using both! Thanks for your comment and let me know what you think of Chrome once you try it.

  9. Chrome is fast on a Mac – I assume on a PC as well. Safari 5 was released yesterday. It is the fastest browser I’ve seen to date. With all that, I still remain with Firefox.
    I can use the noscript addon. Not to mention the hundreds of other addons for security and web design.

    • Hi Hal, the Sarfari 5 release hasn’t made too much noise. I heard something about it on Google Buzz but it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. I wonder when the next Firefox update is coming. Thanks for visiting!

  10. I’ve been playing around with Google Chrome lately. FireFox has been crashing on me and I like the speed of Chrome. Great post and good to see you still at it! “-)

    • What a pleasant surprise, it’s so nice to see you here. I’m really enjoying Chrome. Thanks for the encouragement, take care!

  11. Hmmm… is it my imagination or are all these extensions completely Google-centric?

    I guess that’s to be expected. LOL! After all it is “Google” chrome. Personally I’m just not that Google involved. Guess I’m just a rebel.

    • Joella, I included Tweetmeme just to balance the scales. HA!

      My luv affair with Google is a newly acquired one, so I know what you mean.

      Thanks for the visit, you’re welcome anytime.

  12. Hi Ileane.

    Enjoyed the helpful post as always. I’ve been using chrome more and more of late. Have to get that Shortcuts extension as it sounds really handy.

    • Hi Jimi! My Shortcuts is cool because it gives you options to monitor 5 additional URLs – I added HootSuite, my blogs and Google Analytics. I’m using it almost every day. Thanks for visiting.

  13. Great post Ileane! I am wondering if I should upgrade to WP 3.0 when less than a year ago I went through the process of upgrading 9 self-hosted blogs to 2.7 and everything seems to be working so well. BTW I have a favor to ask on the subject of social media. My latest post on my pet blog talks about Mattel’s new toy Puppy Tweets, and I had this idea to use it to promote animal adoption from our shelter here in Payson and to raise money for the new shelter. Please read this post and leave a comment or two about the idea would be much appreciated!

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  16. This is why I love Chrome! I could really use these extensions alongside Web hosting in Chile to make it easier for me to start my own website.

  17. Hi ileana
    Really Wonderful Post! first i used Firefox but now I like the speed of Chrome lot because its support many extension.Great post